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Facts on Factory Farms

Sept 19, 2010  Facts on Factory Farms The FDA has remained mysteriously silent on the Wright County Egg salmonella scandal although we will keep it in the forefront of our news bulletins. The FDA Read more [...]

NIH-Dyncorp-Baxter-Swine Flu Contracts of Deadly Vaccines

What is in The N1H1 Swine Flu Vaccine: A group of  unproved, untested cancer causing agents that will be made mandatory thanks to the drug companies like Baxter who are making billions with the co-operation Read more [...]

N1H1 Swine Vaccine More Dangerous than Flu

H1N1 Swine Vaccine was never tested for long term damage to DNA, hastily approved the ingredients are more dangerous than the flu itself some experts agree yet received FDA approval. Read more [...]