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Are Vaccines Safe?

Nov 6, 2010 Do parents really know that vaccines have never been proven to be safe in the history of their use on children?  Do parents understand what they are doing to their children by allowing vaccines to be given to their children? Do parents have rights or know what studies have proven vaccines are safe?

In the video Barbara Loe Fisher and Dr. Joseph Mercola discuss the following:

Vaccine Awareness Week

The latest polls indicates 90 percent of the American parents have concerns and do not feel vaccines are studied properly or are safe. Parents are also worried they are not being told the truth about the ingredients of vaccinations that are used on their children at least 36 times before the age of five years old.

Children are getting a tripling of the doses of vaccines today and more are being piled on and the current figures are more than kids have received in history.

In the same respect children are coming down with more chronic diseases in history also.

Infant mortality rates are going up, 7 babies born live in 1,000 die before their first birthday.  The US is rated 32nd in the world for infant mortality.  The fact is that no government studies have proven vaccines are safe and yet children are getting sicker and in more numbers than ever before.  The United States gives more vaccines than other countries and yet has a high infant death statistic.  The US figures show that American babies are dying in greater numbers than in Cuba, Hungary, Japan, and Singapore.

You would think the reverse was true and that all these vaccines would keep our babies alive but this is not true. 

See : US Struggling with Infant Death -New York Times

There are no studies as to why babies are dying, when they are dying and the relationship to vaccines and not one government agency is studying the effects of vaccines after the shots are given to babies.  The point to remember is that vaccines contain heavy doses of metals, chemicals that are carcinogenic (cause cancer) injected right into the blood stream of the babies.

Are Vaccines Safe? Watch the Video as Barbara Fisher describes what happened to her son within hours of her son receiving the DTP shot.  Her son was then diagnosed with brain injury and needs a life time of care.  She has started a vaccine safety awareness program and teaches parents the facts about vaccine safety that you do not hear from your family doctor. The information on the loose system of approvals of vaccines, the promotion of vaccines and the sales of vaccines to the US government are not revealed to the public.

The US government has been promoting vaccines without studies or proof of effectiveness, without studies on proof of safety.  There is an epidemic of chronic disease and disability in numbers never before seen in our history.  The facts are that are these vaccines causing the diseases and disabilities while claiming to irradicate infectious diseases.

The fact that kids are not getting measles, colds, or flu normally as they did years ago where their bodies naturally develop stronger immunity the tendency is to vaccinate children for short term immunity and vaccines have to be given over and over again. Kids get colds and flu even after the vaccines they are given and vaccinating against every flu strain is impossible and highly dangerous. Yes diseases and disabilities are much higher today in 2010 and there is an epidemic of sick kids.

The vaccines contain carcinogens are are being repeated each year including the flu shots.  This year in 2010 the regular flu shot contains the H1N1 vaccine ingredients and people are not aware of this inclusion.

There is a big push to get children vaccinated and adults are being told to get annual vaccines without safety concerns in a “one size fits all” mentality.  However no two people are the same and most people have healthy immune systems.

Pharmaceuticals have not proven their vaccine products are safe. Drugs have been recalled daily at the FDA, and in this day and age drugs, vaccines are pushed out on the market in groves without testing. These are facts. Parents should know they are giving their children vaccines with no foundation or justification for multiple vaccines at too early a stage of life.

NVIC -National Vaccine Information Center -watch the Video, Part 1