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EPA’s Warning on Fracking Wyoming

EPA's Warning on Fracking Wyoming, and studies reveal that the hydraulic chemicals have reached the ground water although the gas industry say the contained the toxic sludge. The Payroll Tax bill tied to Keystone makes the republicans the party who are working for Fossil Energy companies. Outdated, dangerous and long term damage to the environment. Read more [...]

Sarah Palin’s Violence

January 9, 2011  Sarah Palin's Violence unleashed a powder keg of anger and hate towards the health care bill and democrats provokes others with calls has ended in tragedy and murder. These Read more [...]

Democrats Pass What is Left of Health Care Bill

After months of backroom deals and the blindly obvious fact that the Republicans would not vote for any healthcare bill posed by any party the Democrats had enough votes which is 60 to pass the healthcare Read more [...]

Hillary Speech- No Way-No John McCain

 Hillary Rocks Denver for Unity- Even after losing her bid for the Presidential campaign for the highest office Hillary Clinton showed her strength and honor and one line that will be remembered. Hillary Read more [...]