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President Obama Takes Precautions on Swine Flu

As people are cancelling meetings, trips, festivities, and schools close down for a few days the Swine Flu cases are levelling off except for large cities like New York and in California along the Mexican border.
President Obama’s Home Security Team and the Secretary of State were all hands on deck during the brief crisis of the Swine Flu which is now called the N1 H1 Flu virus.

Tamiflu the antibiotics that can play some part in recovery of this flu strain is at an all time high in sales.

As if anything else could go wrong in this country and as if President Obama didn’t have enough on his hands already with a plunging economy, two wars, the Big 3 on the verge of extinction he had to deal with a global crisis originating at a pig farm run by a US company in Mexico.

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