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Glenn Beck-Signs of A Dictator

Fox News Uses Egypt protest to jab at President Obama-Political Spin at Fox

Fox News Fear of Muslim Brotherhood is Based on Political Spin

Feb. 1, 2011 Glenn Beck stated that President Obama’s statements days ago about the Egyptian crisis indicates Obama is a dictator on Fox News. Beck has forgotten how George Bush supported Mubarak and the political rhetoric is astounding. How does Glenn Beck survive these twisted false and misleading statements. Fox News has been pounding the terrorist statements on the Muslim Brotherhood yet there is no sign that this is an Islamic movement it is a movement of the people who are tired of a corrupt government. When will Fox News stop spinning lies about the real motives of the Egyptian people?

Glenn Beck Calls Obama a Dictator-Crying for Liberty
Glenn Beck Calls Obama a Dictator-Crying for Liberty

The US Libertarian Tea Party movement that prides itself on “freedoms” “less government” and the rights of the people remain on the side of a dictator government which is ironic. The Tea Party wants their own freedom from government but not so much for Egyptians which is totally hypocritical.

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Glenn Beck Lying to Us for Profits