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Flu Vaccines

The vaccine craze of giving Americans a vaccine for everything from happiness to diseases rarely found in America has gone too far.

Each year more vaccines come down the pipeline from drug company’s and hardly any are analyzed by independent scientists excluding those working for drug companies. Each year a new flu vaccine comes on the market, doctors start their push for vaccinating the population for only three out of four hundred possible strains of flu which hardly seems cost effective.

The side effects of vaccines are never studied, the ingredients are never disclosed in truth they still all contain mercury. It is time for the Food and Drug Administration to limit drugs, limit vaccines especially to children under the age of five years old. 

The toxic effects of vaccines are evident and proven in many cases to cause immune system damage giving children less of a chance to survive major illnesses. The theory of vaccines has never been proven, and governments continue to rely on pharmaceutical studies that are often tainted and paid for reports from some scientists that would rather lie than perform a service to mankind of effective health policies.

The Swine Flu vaccine is a perfect example of a fear mongered phony epidemic that never materialized and one that was a similar scare in the 1970’s under Gerald Ford. The vaccines for swine flu at that time (it was not called Swine flu) turned out to be more dangerous than the government presumed under Ford.

As a republican President, he forced the vaccines onto American citizens under the Herd Vaccine mentality. This seems to be the same mentality President Obama is being fed by erroneous claims that vaccines work to prevent the flu. However, a person would have to receive 300 to 400 vaccines a year, for this theory to actually work if they do work. A waste of time and money for US taxpayers to pay for useless vaccines, especially unproven ones.

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