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Trump Trades Tax Returns for Birth Certificate

April 25, 2011

Trump Dealing Birth Certificates for Tax Returns tops our list for the quote of the day as he says publicly to President Obama:

“You show me your Birth Certificate, I’ll show you my net worth” says Donald Trump the potential Tea Party-Republican-Candidate-Who-Has-Not-Declared-He’s-Running-for President guy.

The Trump moniker is The Art of the Deal and he is determined to deal his tax return statements and swap them for President Obama’s birth certificate? Deal or No Deal? He also added boast that his net worth will astound us all.

Trump has been on a hair raising bender for President Obama to produce a long form birth certificate, or he’s not going to reveal his assets, net worth and business operations as ALL candidates must do if they run for President.

The media coverage as Trump manipulates the story is covering this junk stuff and diverting attention from the fact that Trump lacks: real policies, real solutions and has focused on small pointless details the minucia of the political spectrum.

Trump is so hung up on the birther thing he released his own birth certificate -with all the fancy scroll writing and all.


Bill O’Reilly Debates Donald Trump on the Issues Like Trump Care

Video Summary: Donald Trump talks to Bill O’Reilly about the issues, healthcare, Wall Street Regulations are out, “I’m not a big regulation guy”.
Union labor -I have a great relationship with unions, Scott Walker is doing what’s right for his state. I respect him, he’s tough, he’s unyielding”
Illegal Immigration: Put soldiers on that line, there’s nobody within 10 miles, stop the narcotics, we’re not doing anything about it”.
Illegal Immgrants: look at the individual people, see how productive they are and then make a decision”.

Abortion: ” I am pro-life, I’d go a pretty strong step-I used to not be pro-life, I have changed my views over the years, I’ll let you know in a few weeks”.
Gay Marriage: I am opposed to gay marriage. (another cop out-he wasn’t before)
It’s a tough situation, we have other problems in this country, I am opposed”.
Media Exposure: Is there a Muslim problem, Absolutely, I came out very strongly against the Mosque -it was so insensitive, you have 3,000 people died”.
Trump thinks “There is a Muslim problem -no it doesn’t encompass all Muslim -unfortunately there is a Muslim problem in the world”.

Trump on The Bill O’Reilly Show

On The View O’Reilly asks: “You were hammering the birth certificate, there were two announcements in the papers in Hawaii, that is impossible to happen if he wasn’t born there. O’Reilly dismissed it.

Trump: “I grew up with Wall St geniuses -what they do in terms of fraud and how they change documents-those dates were 3 days later. Two poor people, there’s announcements in the paper-O’Reilly says they are common.

Trump says poor people don’t put announcements in the newspaper and this shows you how out of touch with reality Trump really is these days.

O’Reilly obviously trying to convince Trump to stop it – Come on”…he says.

Trump: I got my birth certificate, now he may have one, maybe it says he’s a Muslim, if he wasn’t born in this country-its the greatest scam in the country”.
Today – Trump says: Possibly he was born in this country. Trump angered Whoopi Goldberg on the View, “she brings racism in on it” says Trump.

He has yet to drop the subject.

It appears Trump is using the Tea Party to get a foothold into the Republican Party although the conservatives don’t like him and think he will cause an upset in the 2012 General Election.  Karl Rove said of Trump ” He’s a joke candidate”.