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I’m Mad as Hell at Congress

I’m Mad as Hell at Congress and I’m not going to Take This Anymore.  The time was 1976 and the movie was called Network by Metro Goldwyn Mayer and the actor was Peter Finch. The movie also starred William Holden,  Faye Dunaway, Robert Duvall, Ned Beatty, Beatrice Straight and was written by Paddy Chayefsky, directed by Sidney Lumet.

The movie won in many categories from Best Actor that went to Peter Finch, Best Supporting Actress to Faye Dunaway, Best Original Screenplay for Cayefsky and best Supporting Actress for Beatrice Straight.

The premise of the movie was a fictitious television network that struggled with low ratings not uncommonly similar to the plight of many TV networks today.The longtime news anchor played by Finch learns he will lose his job due to the low ratings, he gets fired and then blasts the world with his “Life is Bull-crap” on the air. Yes Howard Beale the news man tells the world how bad it is and he’s “Mad as Hell and not going to Take it Anymore”.

You have to remember, this was in 1976 almost 35 years ago, which is longer than some people are alive today. But the theme of the movie still holds true her and now in 2011.

Today, I’m Mad as Hell at Congress isn’t that far from the old days.

 We’re Mad as Hell at the Media

We refer to the Lame Stream Media that produces “fictional news stories” “Half baked reports” “one sided biased accounts” of politics, culture, society, health, wars and we call it entertainment due to the fact that it is a network of paid for scripts that promote products of their sponsors. The mainstream media have forgotten about true, ethics, morals, accuracy and their obligation to present the truth to their audiences.

Network is still alive and well today, its about ratings, revenues and who pays the highest price that shapes how the news is reported and how stories are “crafted” to present advertisers products in a positive yet misleading light.


Today people direct their anger towards congress.
They are mad as hell at Congress.
The Do Nothing Congress of 2010 to 2012 and the two years that has disgusted most Americans with their politicians. The mid-term elections that spun the economy into deeper, divided and unapologetic trenches of madness and mayhem and there is still one year to go until November 2012.

Politicians are demeaning Americans for being lazy, and in 2008 republicans like Phil Gramm called Americans “Whiners”.

This clip is an example of how Congress views Americans, with their “I have mine” and ” too bad for you if you don’t get a job”  Your just a lazy good for nothing worker.

This is has also been a goal of Republicans to attack unions, to attack wages, to attack benefits and its is making the country crazy in anger. We pay congress to loaf, we pay congress to degrade our jobs, attack our rights, take away the Constitution, enact trade deals that benefit foreign countries. In fact we pay congress to attack ourselves instead of creating jobs, instead of protecting the environment, instead of ballooning military expenses to protect foreign countries- instead of taking care of our businesses, instead of creating jobs in the sectors which will be bursting with profits in the future.

We pay congress to enact food bills that allow GMO, allow salmonella, allow ecoli into our foods coming from factory food places run by corporations. We pay congress to continue with wars in countries we have no business occupying, we allow oil prices to skyrocket, we pay congress to threaten our drinking water, air and soil with gas fracking that causes earthquakes for the corporations.

The stories have not changed much in 30 years, they have only gotten worse each year and people are good and mad. This is why movements like Occupy Wall Street, Recall Scott Walker and recall Congress are so very popular today.

Occupy Wall Street is the “I’m as Mad as Hell and I’m not Going to Take it Anymore” of 2011 and recalling politicians who lied, cheated their constituents to get in power just to destroy American wages are paying the price. They will pay the price at the polls next year.

When by then, we will all be good and mad and We Won’t Take it anymore will become a reality.

They Pay me to Loaf

I'm Mad as Hell at Congress

How Congress Works and Why you Should Care

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TED on Why the World Needs WikiLeaks

Dec. 2, 2010 TED on why the world needs Wikileaks -keeping them honest is a rough game when governments hid secrets from their population.  The truth always hurts and people like Julian Assange are being attacked for releasing the truth about the US government’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The US government is livid about the release of “embarassing documents” however it is more of an embarassment to hide the facts from the voting public of what is going on really with the onslaught of too many wars, draining the US economy and literally rendering them bankrupt much to the disapproval of Americans in poverty.   The people’s hero or a dangerous trouble maker dude, Julian Assange is in the news for many reasons and as a target for smear campaigns, and trumped up charges he will remain a hero in the eyes of the public who thrive on ending corruption in government and needless wasted billions on endless wars.

Julian Assange Addresses National Press Club
Julian Assange Addresses National Press Club

The need of Wikileaks is great, since main stream media is mostly controlled by corporate financial interests who have their hands dripping in political influence and command the policies we see that brought down the US economy.

The world needs to see, know and hear what the reality is, and the back room deals that need to be exposed.  Next on his hit list for Julian Assange is Wall Street.

This video illustrates the reality of what is kept hidden from Americans and the world even if it destroys a few politicians careers -the effort is worth the blood shed.

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Watch the TED Interview of Julian Assange and how reform of governments can be established by exposing the truth hopefully which can lead to the end of aggressive and needless wars in the Middle East.

Journalist Daniel Schorr Dies at 93

July 23, 2010 Daniel Shorr who was in broadcasting, radio and television died at the age of 93 in a Washington hospital.   Schorr was a regular commentator on NPR and his last taping was July 10, 2010 on the Weekend Edition.

The passionate journalist was a prominent announcer who believed in the freedom of speech and often was critical of mainstream media forcing his resignation in the seventies from the CBS network. 

Daniel Schorr was not timid about covering the Nixon years and was on the late President’s enemy list.   The career of Daniel Schorr began when he was twelve years old and phoned in a story to a local newspaper about a woman who fell near his home in the Bronx.  The young lad was paid five dollars for the news item and here is where his passion had sparked an interest in his news career.

Daniel Schorr Dies
Daniel Schorr -Journalist

In an age where “got you journalism” makes headlines out of suppositions, rumors, theories and badly spliced videos, Daniel Schorr was one of the last examples of ethics in journalism. 

The episodes of Shirley Sharrod clearly show the garbage that is on main stream media isn’t even checked out for accuracy anymore and even the White House jumped to conclusion as a result of a vile attempt to discredit Sharrod. 

The plan backfired and apologies made however the lesson learned is that the media cannot be trusted to be factually correct.    The technology today of instant news on the internet, iPhone cameras and Twitter brings the world closer and faster news can be viral in minutes around the world.

Politicol News is Not Mainstream Media

Feb. 25, 2010 1:14 p.m. Updates on the CSpan Live Feed now on Politicol News   

Politicol News is for Americans Not Corporations

We dive right into today’s US politics, the polical party and national issues you won’t find on CNN, NBC, or CBS.  We source our data and bring the real truth to news stories not commercially funded news. 

Politicol News for Americans Not Corporations

Major network media get millions of dollars in advertising revenue from major corporations and therefore their news stories are slanted towards their sponsors.  Our news and commentary are for real Americans including the jobless, the working public and how politics affects them in their world not the world of policitians. 

We invite you to see our news stories updated daily on our blog for the real story behind the hyped up news media that have a major conflict of interest in media news.

Politicol News

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