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Lisa Murkowski Certified Winner

Politicol News Updated at  December 31, 2010 7:35 p.m., Joe Miller sort of conceded but not quite he said ” Standing Down is not an Option” again his speeches are as clear as mud.  Moments ago in an interview with CNN he said he has not called Lisa Murkowski, doesn’t have her number and said he had no plans to call her.

Lisa Murkowski said she will continue to work for all people and towards Alaska’s interests for the next six years.  Needless to say Joe Miller is a sore loser and a person who cannot admit he is wrong and by strong arming his position looks like a buffoon across the political spectrum.  Luckily, Alaska came to its senses in the long run.   Editor’s Note: You can say that again!!

December 31, 2010 4: 51 p.m.  Lisa Murkowski Certified Winner of the Alaska senate race after yesterday she is now the winner of the State election for the Senate seat of Alaska and she is the Republican winner on the GOP side.   Although the Tea Party candidate Joe Miller appeals to the Federal court to challenge the votes submitted by Alaskans since he isn’t satisfied that he lost the election.

Lisa Murkowski Winner of Alaska Senate Race Makes History
Lisa Murkowski Winner of Alaska Senate Race Makes History

Although Joe Miller formerly declared that he conceded the race his terminology was to the effect that he “does not oppose” Lisa Murkowski’s certification which is confusing to say the least.

Miller has no grounds to overturn the vote, try as he may to demand a recount it is not warranted and is a waste of taxpayers dollars for the results will be the same.  The Alaska Supreme Court refused to hear arguments to overturn the results that would make Miller the winner if some votes were eliminated.  The court however, found that there are no issues that would halt the certification of Lisa Murkowski the Republican winner of the state race.

Senator Lisa Murkowski was officially certified December 30, 2010 after Miller had snatched the nomination away from her with the help and backing of Sarah Palin the former Governor of Alaska. This loss for Joe Miller adds to the list of the endorsed Palin candidates who lost the primaries.

Murkowski then launched a write in campaign similar to Strom Thurmond launched in 1954 to win his campaign in South Carolina.  Thrumond slide into victory as a write in candidate as an Independent Democrat and won 63.1 percent of the votes. His opponent Edgar A. Brown came in with 36.7 percent of the vote. Thurmond was not about to be forced out of the race by Brown’s nomination by the Democrat executive who chose Brown.

Murkowski made history yesterday being the only female candidate to win by a write in campaign but also the only candidate in a Senate race to win in more than 50 years. Murkowski will be officially sworn in as Senator from Alaska next week after the New Years celebrations and after Joe Miller exhausted all his legal efforts up to the federal courts although Miller ran against federal government power.

The Murkowski’s have much to celebrate this New Years Eve and the new year ahead in Washington for Lisa.

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By: Joyce Burnett

Source: Alaska Daily News

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