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Lieberman Backs GOP Again-On Public Option

Lieberman Campaigning for John McCain and More Money for Iraq but not Health Care for Americans
Lieberman Campaigning for John McCain and More Money for Iraq but not Health Care for Americans

The Senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman said yesterday that he would back the Republicans again on the new Harry Reid health care reform bill and will fight the public option.

No stranger to sitting on both sides of the fence Lieberman backed John McCain in the last presidential election and now must be getting some pretty good campaign dollars from the health industry to opt out of voting for a democrat produced bill.

Liberman stated it was too much at once and that a government controlled health care option for those who have none would be too much for the taxpayers. Liberman also votes for more troops for the Iraq war but not when it comes to voting for a bill that helps Americans. Lieberman also votes for more borrowed dollars for any war that helps Israel and health care for Americans is not on his agenda. Lieberman’s self absorbed war expenses does meet with much skepticism and although he is supposed to be a democrat here he is again fighting for the GOP against the democrats and his vote will go to the Republicans.

Again Joe Lieberman is a two faced politician who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. The vote count needed is 60 votes to get the bill passed in the Senate. Reid’s proposal includes a opt-in or opt-out for states that do not want a public option which is more than fair. But what is good for one state is good for all states. Republicans do not want the public option at any cost and have fought hard to keep it out of the new health care reform bill.

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