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Lady Gaga Alejandro

June 27, 2010 Lady Gaga’s Alejandro has been released to mixed reviews and some hate it but many love it although it is dark, and seductive her music and creativity continue to wow the crowds.

Lady Gaga's Cover of the Rolling Stone- Alejandro release Date

Lady Gaga born Stafani Joanne Angelina Germanotta born on March 28, 1986 of Italian parents in New York. Gaga is only 24 years old and already has captured world wide attention and adoration for her unique recording sound, outlandish costumes. Gaga is frequently seen wearing a mask of some kind and hats that boggle the mind. Similarities are drawn to Gaga and Madonna as she was in her rebellious youth.  Madonna was often crucified for using crosses with references to her Catholic upbringing and like a virgin she broke the barriers in music. What is it about the Catholic Church that turns women into rebellious women with the brawn and bravery to express their feelings in music.

Rumors about Lady Gaga suggest she is really a guy or a hermaphrodite because she may be able to hit low tones or has a deep voice. Who cares what sex she is and the rumors will always continue until she bares her soul or body for review to her critics.

Gaga started her career in New York clubs and with her colorful costumes became a quick hit with the gay clubs and guys. While her costumes are sexy, so was Cher for 50 years and no one balked at her outlandish creative costumes which did boost her career in music.

There seems to be a theater out in the music world for bashing an artist who’s the envy of small-minded bland performers who can’t seem to get past one hit.  Who cares really – the music is hot and good.

For more viewing go to  Lady Gaga’s Site to see the video released on June 8, 2010 – Alejandro. Gaga is cool, Gaga is hip and everywhere you go everyone is playing her music and that is all that counts.

Beyonce and Lady Gaga – The Telephone Official Explicit Version

For Mature Audiences Only

Lady Gaga in Telephone Video- with Beyonce

Set in a woman’s prison called The Prison for Bitches-  where she uses beer cans for rollers the vib is energetic, smooth and a powerful statement on feminism Gaga’s performance is excellence. This is the Gaga Official Explicit Version – not for children viewing under the age of 50 or the tame. The video has currently 31.9 views on Vevo and combined with the other non-explicit version 92 million views, which isn’t too bad.

Teaming up with Beyonce in a Thelma and Louise getaway and Wonder Women costumes it typically relates to women struggling to get out of oppressive situations with men. As Lady Gaga is the ringleader in the symbolic poison put in the honey and fed to Beyonce’s man she exemplifies the need for women to express themselves more fully. The statement “once you kill a cow you gotta make a burger” and all the ad’s in the video show the commercialism of the material world of today.

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