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Obama’s Swiftboat Sinks Below Common Decency

It was just a matter of time before the Republicans or those who work in a subversive manner dragged out that old Swift Boat routine again.

Jerome Corsi keeps claiming he is a right wing independent who is not voting for John McCain, but really who can believe that when he is attacking the Democratic Nominee.

He is however employed by a Republican right wing rag called “World Net Daily” which is a portal of vile fear mongering Christian based fiction. One has to believe they make this stuff up as they go along writing up the reasons why we should not vote for Obama.

Jerome is trying to sway the independent voters with this book on the basis that Obama is some kind of Mulsim cult leader which has racial undertones in itself.

After all it was Jerome who’s falsehoods that sank John Kerry’s boat on his military service in a book called Unfit for Command which was not based on facts. As it turned out in 2004 the Swift Boat Veteran attacks were based on lies and conjecture that swayed the voters against Kerry.
Now Jerome has come out with a book on Obama called “The Obama Nation” which names Obama as a closet Muslim. He even uses the word “ cult” in the subtitle of the book.

Jerome was interviewed on CNN’s Larry King Live stating from his own investigations that Obama was documented as a Muslim in school when he was 5 or 6 years old. What Jerome does not disclose is that was when Obama’s father was in the picture and then subsequently left his wife in the US to return to Africa.

Obama Swiftboat Tactics from Republicans Did not Work

Obama was raised by his white Christian mother and grandmother who were American citizens and born in the United States and raised as a Christian. To make any inference that because someone wrote “ Muslim” on his school record that Obama still holds true to his brief introduction to his father’s religion 36 years ago that makes Obama a risk?

Corsi goes on to say that Obama was in the church when Rev. Wright gave that blasphemous sermon on chickens roosting which is a lie. Obama was in Florida not in Chicago as this twisted book claims.

This kind of literature is beyond conjecture it is fictional and fraudulent in its claim to accuracy. This is basically a racist and inflammatory book written with the intent of discrediting Obama for purely political reasons.

Corsi’s objective here is the same as it was in 2004 to spread that old Republican stand by fear mongering. It just doesn’t have the same ring tone in 2008 and no one is listening except the small minority of republicans that will not be voting for Obama and that still have not made up their mind about McCain.

The Obama Nation book is just another swift boat attempt by the Republicans to attack Obama on his religious beliefs. This will indeed backfire as Obama has the right to be in any religious organization and run for the Presidency of the United States in the free world. How does that song go “ land of the free?”.

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