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Pfizer Guilty in Breast Cancer Drug Suit

Pfizer Guilty-  The drug company Pfizer is found guilty of causing and directly making a drug that caused breast cancer in women.

The drug company giant Pfizer and its newly acquired Wyeth Drug Company have been found guilt of causing breast cancers in women in the USA.  Although Pfizer made billions on the drug it was only ordered to pay 103 million in this case

Women who in their middle age of life fell for the false information they were given on HRT drugs advertised as the anti-aging drug, the drug that would prevent heart attacks, osteo-arthritis and keep you young. 

Some doctors even sold HRT drugs as an anti-wrinkle drug to keep menopausal women young which was all false claims with no scientific background studies.

Woman who Took HRT Drug Lost Both Breasts

Women Lost their lives their Breasts and their health -many died.
Maimed for Life for HRT drug

Almost 8 years after the HRT drugs were found to be the cause of a high incident of breast cancer in a National Institute of Health study involving 16,000 women the court cases claims from women are being denied and delayed. 

The NIH study was halted back then because the drug was causing breast cancer with  the 16,000 woman in the study.  HRT Premarin or Prempro was reported to be made from an animal estrogen and progesterone combination in Premarin, Prempro and HRT Replacement drugs marketed throughout the world.

No other drugs on the market contain an animal’s hormones are so liberally used as they were in the hormone replacement therapy drugs made in the United States and marketed world wide.

The drug was made from pregnant mare’s urine collected in Canada and the United States from farms that confined the horses in stalls all day to collect the urine for the drug. 

It is very rare that an animal’s estrogen is allowed to be made into a drug, marketed and advertised to the public without testing and with out valid safety investigations. 

Animal estrogens found in a 2,000 pound animal such as a horse are much stronger and more powerful that that created by an average 130 pound woman.  Why did the FDA accept Wyeth’s claims of safety without proof and who determines if a drug company is lying to the public? 

Eventually the courts have to make this determination and the term fraud comes to mind as well as criminal charges which have never been laid against any drug company official.

HRT Drug Causes Breast Cancer-from an animal estrogen to a human body
HRT Drug Causes Breast Cancer-from an animal estrogen to a human body

The Wyeth drug company of the USA widely and deliberately marketed this drug targeted at middle age women and as advertised they were to take this drug for the rest of their lives.  Little did women know that their days were numbered on taking this drug because they would most probably die from breast cancer.

As this drug company is denying liability or any involvement in concocting a deadly combination of cancer causing estrogen they still fight these cases in court.  The Pfizer corporation just recently took over Wyeth in a 60 billion dollar buyout so they had the deep pockets to buy other drug company’s but are denying the damages they caused to women around the world.

The drug company’s are delaying and appealing court decisions even after juries have made large awards to the plaintiffs.  Many women have died from breast cancer which was drug induced by HRT drugs.   Many women’s lives have been permanently damaged forever and many men lost their wives, kids lost their mothers, and grandchildren lost their grandmothers to HRT drugs.

The battle continues to lag and slows down in the court systems which is just what Pfizer wishes to delay their responsibilities in drug deaths with HRT drugs involving women. These are the same drug corporations that manufacture dangerous drugs and continue to include deadly ingredients in their products.

Buyers beware of what you are being prescribed by doctors and trusting a drug claim today is like playing Russian roulette with all the bullets in the chamber. As long as women damaged with breast cancer  fight this drug company giant -in the courts there is still some hope to make this corporation pay for the damages to women’s lives.

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