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Tiger Woods-How Not To Have An Affair

Tiger Woods-How Not To Have An Affair

Jan. 25, 2010  Tiger Woods Update

Tiger Woods should be writing a book on “How Not To Have An Affair” these days while he ponders his navel in a sex rehab clinic due to his love torn marriage and dozens of sexual encounters with women.  Woods should be an expert on How Not To Have An Affair.

It is reported that the night of the car accident Tiger Woods let his wife Elin speak to Rachael Uchitel on the phone trying to convince his wife that he was not having an affair and that they were just friends.  The latest update on Tiger Woods is that the next night he had fallen asleep after taking prescription drugs and Elin pretended to be her husband and sent a text message to Rachael.

The Daily Beast reports that Elin found a message from Tiger to Rachael where he professed ” you are the only one I’ve loved” and she confronted Tiger and later chased him out of the house.  Elin continued to investigate and sent a message to Rachael ” I miss you” and when are we seeing each other again?”

Rachael wrote back  that she thought Tiger were asleep, which indicated Tiger and Rachael had spoken earlier that night. At that point Elin called Uchitel who answered thinking it was Tiger and Uchitel responded “oh f**k  and immediately hung up, knowing she had been found out by Elin.  You have to hand it to Elin Woods -she is one smart detective and a wife able to see through her husband’s lies and deception.

Meanwhile other mistresses have made statements such as Jaimee Grubbs has said there are rumblings that Tiger Woods doesn’t have it in his plans to try and save his marriage.  Frankly with his protestations of love on his text messages to Rachael Uchitel, we can see that is where his heart is focused.  Even Rachael Uchitel must be wondering if she were to have an ongoing relationship with the cad if he could really remain faithful to her.

Despite Rachel Uchitel’s denials of having an ongoing sexual relationship with the married man the Daily Mail reports that Tiger let his wife Elin Woods speak to his mistress!  It was stupid to think Tiger would resolve his wife’s suspicious thoughts by letting the two woman speak on the phone.  Other reports from other mistresses that have been paid off to keep quite is Emma Rotherham who had an 18  month sexual relationship with Tiger Woods and she has received 300,000 English pounds as hush money.  Rotherham is the 18th woman that we know of that Tiger Woods has had an extra-marital affair with since the scandal broke in October 2009.

Since then Tiger Woods brand has been trashed and he has lost sponsors which represents millions of dollars of revenue and the golf industry has been reported to have lost billions which has affect the Stock Market as well.

The Daily Beast has reported the incident of the text messages, the investigation by Elin, the ensuing drama, the lies and the cheating by Tiger Woods.
Barbara Walters on David Letterman who himself has cheated on his new bride discuss the Tiger Woods affairs.

Walters talks about athletes not being role models and golfers getting all that tail.
The Star also reports that Tiger’s wife found our herself by tricking Uchitel who was waiting by the phone for Tiger’s call that night seemingly ready to continue the relationship despite having spoken to his wife.

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