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BP Oil Still Blames Others for Spill

Several months have passed since British Petroleum finally capped the 6 month leak of their leased drill 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana.  Still BP is blaming others in the explosion which rocked the Horizon platform and sank it to the bottom of the ocean, some 5,000 feet below.

BP Oil Equals Dead Fish and a Dead Gulf of Mexico
BP Oil Equals Dead Fish and a Dead Gulf of Mexico

BP fails to accept responsibility although they have apologized just once on the national media stage, but in the courtroom they will be taking another stance. BP blames the owners of the rig, and Haliburton for cementing the rig with faulty cement.

Never mind that they have an rig explosion record and a record of flagrantly avoiding costs for safety by ignoring regulations.

Naw, it wasn’t their fault.

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