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Honda Mobility Device U3-X

May 7, 2010  Honda’s new mobility device the U3-X brushes away the unicycle Segway due to its movement in all directions.  The unique mobility device U3-X is similar to a unicycle however the sideways movement capability puts it in a different class. The new mobility device is the first in the world that allows movement in all directions.

The U3-X wheels are made of tiny motorized wheels constructed inside the bigger uni-wheel in an amazing configuration that allows movement in any direction.  The U3-x is light enough to carry and looks like a modern compact unit that can balance evenly on its own wheel.

Honda U3-X Features

The U3 can move at 3.7 miles per hour and emits no fumes, gas, oil or pollutants which is the best feature of the mobile unit.

It balances on its own wheel without assistance.

The U3 can move in any direction-forward, back, sideways and at an angle.

The Honda U3-X is lightweight only 22 pounds.

Honda’s technology has brought us the Asimo walking robot in the past and the new U3-X uses some of the same technology developed for the Asimo walking robot.

The Honda Asimo Robot -New Technology for the Future in Robotics

Honda’s new Personal Mobility device is a step beyond with its goal of making dreams a reality.

How the Honda Mobility Device U3-X Works

The most beneficial feature is that the Honda Mobile Device U3-X works without fuel and is easy to initiate movement. By simply leaning into the direction you wish to go the U3-X will move in that direction making mobility easy and quick. The device can also mingle with pedestrians either inside or outside with amazing ease and smoothness for the rider.

Honda Mobility Device U3-X Video

Honda's New Personal Mobile Device U3-X

Honda’s New 3R-C Electric Vehicle

Honda corporation  reveals its radical new battery operated vehicle in Geneva which is a one driver urban traveller with amazing capabilities.

Honda 3R-C Radical People Mover-unveiled in Geneva

Honda developed the 3R-C was designed in Honda’s research and design location in Italy and the Proton Hybrid Car another vehicle which does not use fossil fuels.  The impact these vehicles have for moms carrying babies, or older individuals needed transportation assistance is the wave of the future.  Years from now -these vehicles will take over the market as people realize the impact on the environment of fuels has become obsolete and dangerous.

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Politicol News Editor’s Note

While the US government and oil company’s are fighting over who will pay for the pollution disaster in the gulf company’s such as Honda are developing the new technology to achieve mobility without fossil fuels, without environmental disasters and without air quality effects.

While the US, UK and middle east continue to persuade the consumer to purchase cars the Japanese are way ahead of the game.  China and Japan are heading in the right direction and designing mobile technologies that will one day become the normal way of transporting people.  Like Honda says in their advertisements – transporting people in harmony with nature.

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