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Anthony Weiner A Hero for 9/11 Workers

July 31, 2010 Anthony Weiner a Hero – Rails the GOP for voting no on health care coverage for the New York brave firemen of 9/11 rescue mission.

For once a hero in politics, we need more men like Anthony Weiner, we need guts and then the glory for the brave firemen, police and NY city workers that Mayor Giuliani left behind.

The GOP not voting for the men and women damaged by 9/11 in trying to save lives – is more disgraceful than Bush invading the wrong country causing hundreds of thousands of deaths for the oil in Iraq.

Anthony Weiner-A Hero for 9/11 Heroes
Anthony Weiner-A Hero for 9/11 Heroes

This is the stuff that men are made of -the GOP are a disgusting group of liars and thieves and will not help those in need. A visceral reaction the the GOP will come  in November  and voters will remember that the GOP did not vote for you.  When it comes to voting for more funding for Iraq or Afghanistan the GOP will vote for more war funding than to help Americans.  American voters are fed up with the game playing and the GOP has really hit a nerve this time with cutting off help for the heroes of 9/11.

Anthony Weiner a Hero for 9/11 Workers.

The Act includes compensation for the individuals that saved lives in 9/11 while risking their own and damaging their health to the extend of contracting certain cancer.

NY City Rescue Workers Went into Danger to Rescue and Recover on 9/11
NY City Rescue Workers Went into Danger to Rescue and Recover on 9/11

The act provides help for their mental health needs relating to their job on 9/11 rescue and search missions.

This compensation is for monitoring and treatment benefits to the cleanup workers most of whom were sickened by the fumes, dust and debris from their days and months cleaning up and rescuing those that were alive and those who died.

Rescue Workers Choked back the Deadly Dust to Rescue and Save lives
Rescue Workers Choked back the Deadly Dust to Rescue and Save lives

The brave firemen, police, rescue workers, and volunteers that helped recover the dead are now dying also.

The 9/11 workers choked down the dust and smoke- bending over doing the back breaking work to recover bodies and move the mountains of a crumbled Trade Center that lied in ruins at their feet.

It must have been madly saddening for them to carry on day after day at the same site rescuing bodies and the remains of the lives that lived and worked in those two towers.

This dust caused lung diseases to the 9/11 workers while the Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani did not protect them with masks or equipment.

Rudy Giuliani is as much of a disgrace to the human race by ordering the employees of New York state to enter into a dangerous and deadly crime scene without protection.  A disgraceful excuse for a human being the former Mayor of New York and even the current Mayor Bloomberg have done nothing for these damaged workers.

Anthony Weiner A hero for 9/11 workers when the Mayor of New York, turned his back on the rescue mission under his control he put the men and women in danger with great disregard for their safety, health and their future.

New York City Firefighters slammed Giuliani in 2007 for the lack of respect he displayed for the work of the firefighters while he boasted and he would have you believe that he single hand saved us all from the evil terrorists.  To hear the GOP praise Giuliani was a crock and bending the truth since as you see in this photo Rudy wore a mask for his photo’ ops but did not provide them for the firefighters and police.  In fact no equipment was ever issued and the Trade Center crumpled up in pieces was never designated as a hazardous  material area.   The Raw Story Covered the letter drafted in 2007 by NY City Firefighters.

Over 10,000 workers were injured during 9/11 by way of lung diseases, breathing problems, asthma, and most likely will get cancer from their job during the weeks and months before the cleanup could commence they carried dead bodies out of the Towers.

This award of 712 million called a “settlement”  works out to $ 7,120.00 per person which is hardly enough to cover a lifetime of battling diseases as a result of injuries.  The sum was a slap in the face to these 9/11 workers and their families who now have a life of disease from their jobs.

Giuliani Wears a Mask for Photo Op-  but Not for 9/11 Workers
Giuliani Wears a Mask for Photo Op- but Not for 9/11 Workers

The US government spends more money in Iraq in a matter of days but has no government accepted the fact that these heroes deserve not only our respect but the funds to keep them alive.

The Insurance settlement from Captive Insurance was only $ 625 million cash was for those who developed severe and debilitating respiratory diseases and asthma so severe from choking down the dust and smoke they need to be on oxygen for the rest of their lives.

Due to the neglected stupidity of the Mayor – these damages could have been avoided with the proper equipment.