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BP’s Last Chances

BP’s Last Chances -May 24, 2010  It is day 34 of the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf and its last chance of stopping a gusher leak -5000 ft below the water surface. The Top Hat didn’t work, the plug didn’t work and now we have the Top Kill all terms reference BP’s coined name for their numerous attempts on a rather shaky intelligence on how to stop an oil leak.

This Top Kill is to shove a bunch of mud into the pipe that is leaking to plug it up but this is a temporary fix only. Surely anyone with common sense would believe this is not going to work and odds are it will not stop the leak. Firstly the procedure is risky and may worsen the amount of oil gushing into the Gulf, and secondly it is a 50-to-50 bet that it works completely

The top kill is actually throwing mud into the hole to plug up the leak which sounds ridiculous and if this does not work they are going to do a Junk Shot.

Or if that doesn’t work they will simply keep constructing another drill nearby to be finished in August and continue on making profits. In the meantime Halliburton could have constructed another plug on their own but they have not been part of this recovery effort.

The CEO Tony Hayward has been viewed as untrustworthy by Americans, and his less than scant concern of the environmental impact his mistakes have had on the US shoreline.  You do not hear him concerned about the fishing industry, sports, leisure, travel and other businesses depending on the stopping of this nightmare.  His comment that his was a ” Little Leak in a Big Ocean” were less than warm and fuzzy towards the impact on millions of lives.

The flow of the oil leak estimates were wrong, the pipe burst in 3 locations and BP is more interested in sinking another drill into this pipeline as soon as possible. In fact this is their primary goal to plunge another drill down to the site to continue siphoning the oil.

It is almost plausible that BP would much rather drill another hole than to fix the old one that is leaking -they just can’t be bothered. All the talk about booms is for not since most of the booms BP has used are faulty and do not contain the oil. The Army has better equipment including booms that are at least 1 foot deep to catch the oil below the surface. In this leak much of the oil is deep in the ocean and floats to the top or is carried by the many layers of currents that are presently spreading the oil all over the Gulf.

Lessons learned in this disaster are that oil companies pay little attention to safety in order to save on costs. Oil companies also have a cavalier attitude on where they can drill and they give financial inducements to governments to continue their thirst greater profits.

Over 600,000 gallons of the dispersant chemical Corexit 9500 was used without thought about the chemicalization and toxic mixture of the oil and this chemical in the water. BP doesn’t even know the harmful effects of this chemical nor do they seem to care, inspite of the EPA’s objections they are continuing to use it.

The Top Kill procedure will be tried tomorrow May 23, 2010 as the damage continues this should be a good lesson to the US government that oil companies cannot be trusted or held to be competent enough to fix their own problems.

The oil continues to wash up in Louisiana marshlands and Alabama as well it is expected to reach Florida and Texas shores as the currents carry the oil to other southern states and up the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean. The disaster is being described as worse than Katrina because it is happening each day with no relief but with Katrina the water did disappear after the storm.

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More on the Top Kill Process in this video

The last attempt of plugging the leak failed days ago.

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Sexcapades-MMS and Oil

May 29, 2010 In 2008 during the Presidential Election many speculated who would take over for Dick Cheney who’s hands were dirty with oil money. All during that time and prior government officials from MMS and other departments were having sex, taking drugs and accepting bribes from big oil company executives.

Investigations from 2008 have not fired, or charged these government employees with any wrong doing even today as the millions of gallons of oil continue to turn the Gulf of Mexico into an oil refinery. These same people are still employed at MMS and the Interior Department where rigging contracts, gifts for favorable leases, bribery, graft and a culture of abuses brought us to the BP Oil disaster of 2010.

Minerals Management Services -Sex, Lies, Bribes and Disasters

Of course Dick Cheney and George Bush thought this was perfectly all right and capitalism in the oil business was king. After all Wall Street had the freedom of no regulations why not the oil business also?
The ban on offshore drilling which many opposed due to the dangers of spills was lifted by one George W. Bush while he was in office.

The investigation had evidence of promiscuous sex by government and the oil trade including the drugs used during their liaisons. These government agencies were described as whore houses who sold themselves for the pleasures of free trips, golf memberships, dinners, booze, drugs and any paybacks available. The oil companies included BP, Chevron, and Shell to name the top fornicators of American oil.

Names were named such as Gregory W. Smith who snorted coke and has sex with his employees at the Denver Royalty Office. These executives worked at the highest level and most important function of the federal government which is the energy departments that control the nations resources.

President Obama’s pick of Ken Salazar was a weak choice because he is not tough enough to clamp the oil business into regulations and overhaul MMS to get rid of the rats. The new world order far from the description used by George Bush Senior who was also an oil man far too lenient with oil companies. In fact the US Presidency has has 12 years of oil men in power both Bushes have stock in the oil business and then there is Dick Cheney’s involvement in Halliburton.

As the clock keeps ticking – the oil keeps gushing every minute of delay is unacceptable and causing a concern of a national emergency in the making. Every minute more oil is dumped into the Gulf of Mexico which is affecting spread into the Gulf stream.

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Cheney remained tied to Halliburton a company he once ran and had deferred salary, and stock options all through his 8 years as Vice-President. Cheney denied this however the Office of Government Ethics maintained that deferred benefits, and stocks are still ties to an former employer. The question was the conflict of interests with his financial ties to Halliburton and how much power he had to influence decisions. Halliburton was hired to restore Iraq’s oil industry with a non-competitive bid contract and it was open ended. Cheney saw to it that Halliburton received 1.7 billion dollars from the Iraq contracts.

Halliburton was found to perform terribly and cost estimates were riddled with hidden charges, intentionally overcharging and gouging the government by inflating costs to the tune of 26 million dollars.
Halliburton even charged the US government for a concrete pad that the Iraqi’s has already constructed. In total Bush, Cheney and Halliburton conspired to defraud the US taxpayer for billions of dollars in a free for all capitalist state which amounted to robbery.

Obama has failed to project the image of a strong President and needs to clean house of the corrupt practices of these government agencies which are basically out for the money and where bribery is a common cancer.

Out of the three companies BP Oil, Halliburton and Horizon none can be trusted by their own historic criminal activities. BP Oil has a history of engaging in bribery also in Europe and peddling their influence for gas and oil leases in a lawsuit.

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