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Haiti Hanging On for Help

Jan. 16, 2010 Disaster Relief on the Water Headed for Haiti

Ships are heading for Haiti in an attempt to rescue those who have been injured days ago from the massive earthquake that hit this poor nation and killed thousands of people.  Bodies have been lying in the streets are being shoved into existing crypts and mass graves using bulldozers. The dead stench is overwelming to news broadcasters from the major networks as days continue to pass from the earthquake.

The trauma of just watching human suffering to this extent is mind boggling to anyone except some people who would exploit the earthquake in Haiti for personal gain.

Politicol News began a tweet campaign on Twitter – to get the U.S. drug company’s who’s bellies are swollen with profits to contribute and donate antiseptic drugs, painkillers, and antibiotics to the people of Haiti.  Actually we should not even have to make a request such as this if these company’s had any sense of human decency they would already be donating to this cause-people are dying every minute that they delay.

The USNC Comfort which is a massive hospital on a ship is headed for Haiti now and stocked with water, food, and doctors.  This massive ship is going to help Haitians stay alive but it is not the end of what Haiti needs to survive the earthquake that decimated the island days ago.  The Comfort has supplies for 45 days on board and is the same size as a huge hospital on the water ready to leave and should arrive in 4-5 days in Haiti.  The wounded will be flown to the ship for surgery and medical care and then transported to medical hospitals which will be set up on the ground.

The ships heading for Haiti are the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and coast guard ships a total of seven ships are all on the way to Haiti.

On regular stand by is the Norfolk based cruiser Normandy,  the Mayport and the Underwood which is based in Florida.   Also the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command is getting troops ready for service in Haiti.

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