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Obama’s Swine Emergency is Fraud against Americans

On a slow news day which is Friday afternoon is when the Whitehouse likes to release statements it doesn’t want the media to catch but this was a clear bombshell from President Obama and constitutes fraud.

Piggy Obama Fraudulent Emergency Statement
Piggy Obama Fraudulent Emergency Statement

On Friday October 23 Obama released a statement that the world has come crashing to an end with a flu bug hoax.  The drug company backed Obama administration is following the footsteps of George Bush and is becoming less credible as a President.  Change has not happened and we can’t believe him anymore.

What President Obama has done with this declaration is put us one step closer to mandating vaccines by the Emergency Preparedness Act which can be used to force people to be vaccinated. Obama’s declaration of an emergency allows vaccinations outside of doctors’ offices, hospitals and medical clinics and has created panic again. As doctor Mercola points out we have entered the “Twight Zone” of a government control medical system and Obama has just boosted health care costs from the damage this vaccine will cause to Americans.

Swine Flu Vaccine-Damages Children's Immune System Permanently - Is it worth the Risk?
Swine Flu Vaccine-Damages Children's Immune System Permanently - Is it worth the Risk?

One has to know that the Obama girls and Michelle Obama will not take this vaccine for a reason firstly Michelle Obama does follow a vegetarian healthy diet and anyone who follows this regiment will not jeopardize their children or families health.  We doubt Michelle Obama will vaccinate her mother or allow that to happen anytime in the future.  If the Obama family does do a “photo op” to take this vaccine -they use a trick where the vaccine is really really in the needle its usually a safe saline or salt water solution.  The bag of tricks to prove this vaccine is safe just boggles the mind and to what lengths corporations will go to for profits.

The media is still continuing on its paid commercial distortions of the swine flu during air time to promote this hyperactive, false and misleading information which is actually a program paid for by the drug company revenues they receive for ads on their networks. These are the major networks such as NBC, CNN, CBS and ABC that get millions of dollars in revenue and they remain loyal to their advertisers. We also know that the “news on swine flu” is distorted to instill fear and the networks are being manipulated for and by the drug corporations.

The Swine Flu Hoax is Upon the American Public-Fake  Emergency
The Swine Flu Hoax is Upon the American Public-Fake Emergency

It is evident that President Obama is following the likes of George Bush in bending over for the drug company’s campaign contributions but his policies are a disaster for Americans. President Obama is in the pocket of the major drug corporations-curses foiled Americans have been fooled again.

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