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Fat Capitalist Limbaugh-Destroy Health Care Reform

The fat capitalists are out to Swift Boat Health care reform for Americans and bring down democracy in their desperate attempts to break Obama’s leadership. The media has as they did in 2004 given the right wing cons way too much attention. As they carry guns to Presidential meetings threatening small children and older seniors they have reached the tipping point of decency.

The republican hypocrisy is also deafening due to the fact that thanks to George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld the Iraqi citizens get universal health care thanks to the US taxpayer. Yes you are paying for health care for every man, woman and child in Iwrack, but not for Americans. Your grandmother is suffering while Iraq who’s national revenues are derived from the sale of oil to the US is also making great profits. Where is the sanity in the Republican outrage for covering Americans while promoting a war for 8 years that covered a foreign country?

Where is the moral outrage against these right wing nuts who threaten democracy in the US? Senator Grassley a two faced liar keeps faking his support of health care reform by spreading lies about “pulling the plug on grandma”. For those who see through the facade of Republican outrage which is funded by the corporate interests of insurance companies, drug companies and hospital associations who fear their loss of “profiting” over denying health care to Americans it all seems like their swift boat is sinking.

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