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Video Splicing the News-Shirley Sharrod

July 23, 2010  Shutting down Breitbart’s site is on the minds of many people after his fiasco attempt to discredit a woman who worked for the Department of Agriculture Shirley Sharrod.   The video posted on Andrew Breitbart’s site and then plastered throughout the internet launched a series of events that not only defamed Shirley Sharrod but cost her a job.

Now Sherrod has merited the apology from the United States government who were too quick to act on the sliced and diced video which was the brain child of one Tea Party organizer Andrew Breitbart for political gain.

Shirley Sharrod Speaks out against Smear Campaign by tea party
Shirley Sharrod Speaks out against Smear Campaign by tea party

Sharrod was fired from her job and was quickly offered a new job in its place however she has much to say on where this incident should go from here.  Shirley appeared on the View, ABC News, CNN Rick Sanchez’s show amongst others to clear her name and to verify that she was the target of a “gotcha journalism” attempt on the part of the Tea Party.  The videos showing a speech by Shirley Sharrod to the NAACP which was purposefully spliced together in such a manner as to show only some sound bytes but not the whole speech.

The sole purpose of the altered video was to defame Shirley Sharrod which violates the law.  Breitbart has refused to apologize to Shirley in any way he has not made any amends for his destroying her career.

Shirley states she would like to get back at him because ” he came after me” and rightly so she would have a good case. She also wants his site shut down on many violations and “we don’t need sites like that” and “he’s doing everything to divide us“.

The political gain Breitbart was hoping for was to show blacks are racists against whites and thereby attacking the NAACP for their statements the previous week of the Tea Party being a racist party and he used Shirley Sharrod’s name  to victimize her.

The whole intention was to make Shirley out to be a racist against whites, although the facts proved otherwise. If one was to view the whole video of her speech she denounces racism of any kind and her character is spotless in her job as a professional government employee in the Department of Agriculture.   So what should happen with websites from the Tea Party or Republicans that manufacture the news, that make false claims and that are spread through out the internet on the major search engines?   Breitbart has successfully given journalism -the true journalism a bad name and has drawn the ire of the media for his gimmicks and con games when it comes to getting traffic to his websites.  ( we won’t send you there).

Sharrod is also considering a defamation lawsuit against Breitbart and indicated his websites should be shut down.  There are many legal grounds to do so, on  violations of many business and regulations on the internet.  Perhaps an FTC investigation can be called for this distortion of a person’s character should cause even criminal charges to be laid against Breitbart.  Then again we can expect more from the Tea Party as their websites are invalidating new stories and spreading lies although they have the all mighty dollars behind them.

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Journalist Daniel Schorr Dies at 93

July 23, 2010 Daniel Shorr who was in broadcasting, radio and television died at the age of 93 in a Washington hospital.   Schorr was a regular commentator on NPR and his last taping was July 10, 2010 on the Weekend Edition.

The passionate journalist was a prominent announcer who believed in the freedom of speech and often was critical of mainstream media forcing his resignation in the seventies from the CBS network. 

Daniel Schorr was not timid about covering the Nixon years and was on the late President’s enemy list.   The career of Daniel Schorr began when he was twelve years old and phoned in a story to a local newspaper about a woman who fell near his home in the Bronx.  The young lad was paid five dollars for the news item and here is where his passion had sparked an interest in his news career.

Daniel Schorr Dies
Daniel Schorr -Journalist

In an age where “got you journalism” makes headlines out of suppositions, rumors, theories and badly spliced videos, Daniel Schorr was one of the last examples of ethics in journalism. 

The episodes of Shirley Sharrod clearly show the garbage that is on main stream media isn’t even checked out for accuracy anymore and even the White House jumped to conclusion as a result of a vile attempt to discredit Sharrod. 

The plan backfired and apologies made however the lesson learned is that the media cannot be trusted to be factually correct.    The technology today of instant news on the internet, iPhone cameras and Twitter brings the world closer and faster news can be viral in minutes around the world.