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Google’s Biggest Search Mistakes

Google’s Biggest Search Mistakes

For a little over two years now, Google has changed its algorhym calculations on searches to the disdain of many internet marketing companies.

The last few changes have assured that Google’s corporate clients get most of the traffic and Google’s highest paying ad buyers of Adwords. The Panda chances or whatever the name of the day of manipulation by Google of organic searches is fast and furiously putting small companies out of business completely. Not a fair playing field.

Small Internet Business- Go Out of Business with Google Changes Like Panda

If a smaller entrepreneur on the internet doesn’t have the funds to “buy” Google traffic they will never survive and that same company could have come up with a new product beneficial to society, or could have valuable information to other people and it will never be heard.

What Google has done is shifted it’s business model to concentrate on paying customers only not the general public’s needs or its users’ experience as they claim.

The quality of content doesn’t matter either, for if you search for a phrase the results on the first page are usually all corporate ad buyers and irrelevant results. What used to be known as Google Page 1 is now a dumping ground of “Major corporate results“, not exactly accurate or helpful.

In short, Google manipulates and re-directs traffic to where “they” want you to go. Now with the addition of a complete bubble, Google will categorize you, brand you and place you in a place you don’t want to be in or of your own choice.

Sure, Google has the right to make money, but when does greed and competition with Facebook override ethical business practices, monopoly and only benefiting one segment of internet businesses?

Google Adwords- Profits Before Ethics

Adwords is Google’s bread and butter and those who “Pay The Google Gods” for traffic get the choice placements in Google searches.

Smaller independent companies, small entrepreneurs who are starting out do not have a prayer in hell of getting the organic traffic that is naturally theirs based on keywords on their site.

For now, let us just say Google has pulled off the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

Google’s biggest Search Mistakes is that what users are looking  but now isn’t what you are going to get back.

Searching is now Google’s choice -not yours.

Google now uses 57 calculations based on your profile to making sure they know what they think they know of what you want.  However your searches will never be the same and a natural search will be altered to your past search preferences. Most people prefer that Google not mess with what they are searching for but a more natural approach based on the searched words.

 No Standard Searches With Google

There is no standard searches anymore unless you use none- of the major search engines but rather use independent search engines. Some people like ourselves use Twitter or Facebook as a search engine by just plugging in a keyword and you get up to date relevant, accurate results on what people are talking about, you get the top news on your topic and you get it faster than Google could ever produce.

The internet is bent on veering down the wrong path, in this new feature of  showing us only “what they think we need to see”. We will never see other information related to our search again from Google.

Google Sells Your Information to Their Big Corporate Clients

To make matters worse, what Google does with this information all about your privacy, your accounts with them is to sell it at a high price to their clients. The suggested Retail price is $ 5,000.00 per person and that amounts to given no permission to Google (read the fine print) and for them to make money on your privacy.

What is this this Filter Bubble?

Well that’s a good question, but it is based on your searches that Google will calculate, and form an opinion on you, and then return to you what they think you’d like to see more of, an assumption.

Proof that no two people will get the same search results in Google, are explained in this videoed speech by Eli Pariser  at a Ted Conference.  Two people living in two different cities will not get the same news, or the same websites or have the same information sent to them which proves the manipulation is at work.

Google's Biggest Search MistakesEli Pariser says we are getting Search Junk Food -not Relevant Searches from Google

Watch this Brief Video to Learn all about what’s happening to Search on the Internet

You can’t get real information, honest, searches and we are regressing back to filtered news. The news was once filtered by newspaper editors, managers, owners and left the reader without choice.

The internet as it was needs to be kept freely alive in an organic fashion and not put labels on people because they searched for a particular word one day but forever branding them as a certain group and having a specific characteristic.

Search means exactly that, a search on one topic at one particular moment in time but does not define us nor should it, with a label of being pro-or against a certain thought process.

Google will not sell me a certain widget because I searched for it on one day but it will continue to serve up information on that widget forever if they continue to put us in a bubble.

Mankind has always flourished in freedom, not by being stifled, regulated and classified. The search engines should know that if they do not adapt to moving and thinking people in that freedom, they will fail miserably to survive.

The internet will adapt to censorship, filtering, monitoring and surveillance as it should evolve into what it was designed to be which is a tool to further societies needs.

If we don’t like what Google, Facebook and Yahoo are doing we can change that easily and change our search habits.

Actually what Google is doing is creating a new market of alternative Search Engines which will grow exponentially.

Alternative Private Search Engines:

A list of alternative search engines that do not track your searches, your address and your underwear size:

Start Page:               https://startpage.com/eng/

ix Quick                      https://www.ixquick.com/

Duck, Duck Go         http://duckduckgo.com/

Don’t Track Us         http://donttrack.us/

Don’t Bubble Us      http://dontbubble.us/