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Sexcapades-MMS and Oil

May 29, 2010 In 2008 during the Presidential Election many speculated who would take over for Dick Cheney who’s hands were dirty with oil money. All during that time and prior government officials from MMS and other departments were having sex, taking drugs and accepting bribes from big oil company executives.

Investigations from 2008 have not fired, or charged these government employees with any wrong doing even today as the millions of gallons of oil continue to turn the Gulf of Mexico into an oil refinery. These same people are still employed at MMS and the Interior Department where rigging contracts, gifts for favorable leases, bribery, graft and a culture of abuses brought us to the BP Oil disaster of 2010.

Minerals Management Services -Sex, Lies, Bribes and Disasters

Of course Dick Cheney and George Bush thought this was perfectly all right and capitalism in the oil business was king. After all Wall Street had the freedom of no regulations why not the oil business also?
The ban on offshore drilling which many opposed due to the dangers of spills was lifted by one George W. Bush while he was in office.

The investigation had evidence of promiscuous sex by government and the oil trade including the drugs used during their liaisons. These government agencies were described as whore houses who sold themselves for the pleasures of free trips, golf memberships, dinners, booze, drugs and any paybacks available. The oil companies included BP, Chevron, and Shell to name the top fornicators of American oil.

Names were named such as Gregory W. Smith who snorted coke and has sex with his employees at the Denver Royalty Office. These executives worked at the highest level and most important function of the federal government which is the energy departments that control the nations resources.

President Obama’s pick of Ken Salazar was a weak choice because he is not tough enough to clamp the oil business into regulations and overhaul MMS to get rid of the rats. The new world order far from the description used by George Bush Senior who was also an oil man far too lenient with oil companies. In fact the US Presidency has has 12 years of oil men in power both Bushes have stock in the oil business and then there is Dick Cheney’s involvement in Halliburton.

As the clock keeps ticking – the oil keeps gushing every minute of delay is unacceptable and causing a concern of a national emergency in the making. Every minute more oil is dumped into the Gulf of Mexico which is affecting spread into the Gulf stream.

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Cheney remained tied to Halliburton a company he once ran and had deferred salary, and stock options all through his 8 years as Vice-President. Cheney denied this however the Office of Government Ethics maintained that deferred benefits, and stocks are still ties to an former employer. The question was the conflict of interests with his financial ties to Halliburton and how much power he had to influence decisions. Halliburton was hired to restore Iraq’s oil industry with a non-competitive bid contract and it was open ended. Cheney saw to it that Halliburton received 1.7 billion dollars from the Iraq contracts.

Halliburton was found to perform terribly and cost estimates were riddled with hidden charges, intentionally overcharging and gouging the government by inflating costs to the tune of 26 million dollars.
Halliburton even charged the US government for a concrete pad that the Iraqi’s has already constructed. In total Bush, Cheney and Halliburton conspired to defraud the US taxpayer for billions of dollars in a free for all capitalist state which amounted to robbery.

Obama has failed to project the image of a strong President and needs to clean house of the corrupt practices of these government agencies which are basically out for the money and where bribery is a common cancer.

Out of the three companies BP Oil, Halliburton and Horizon none can be trusted by their own historic criminal activities. BP Oil has a history of engaging in bribery also in Europe and peddling their influence for gas and oil leases in a lawsuit.

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