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FDA No Labels on GMO Salmon

Oct. 12, 2010  The FDA once again has disregarded the labeling of a fake food called GMO salmon.  In their opinion the salmon GMO industry believes that people do not know enough about GMO foods so they don’t need to know when they buy it.

Ludicrously the FDA is approving the GMO salmon for human consumption although the salmon is a mixed species fish to increase profits and has not been proven safe for human consumption.  However the FDA has taken liberties with : beef, pork, chicken, vegetables and now salmon which are all genetically modified in the United States.

The curse of the food industry is their bent on making food cheaply for increased profits and like Wright County Egg farm that sold 800 million salmonella infected eggs to the public there will no inspections, no testing, no shut downs of GMO salmon because no one has conducted studies on this species of fish.

The consumer will not be told, nor will there be any labels on GMO salmon in any form whether it is canned, fresh, smoked or in any form GMO salmon will be sold to blind consumers.

This is an eelpout fish GMO'd with a Salmon

The above photo is an eelpout fish which is 3 times the size of a regular salmon fish.  This is a monster fish that is not typically eaten by many consumers -until now!!  But you don’t have the right to know your eating it. What is wrong with this picture? Write your comments below?  How does it feel to be the last person on earth who has any right to know the type of food you are being sold?

The credibility of the FDA has come under sharp criticism in the last several decades on approving drugs which cause death, ignoring safety of the food supply and a total disregard of safety inspection of factory farms.  Now GMO foods will be freely sold on the open market without labeling and without testing.

The Eelpout and Salmon GMO Fish

We all have to “assume” that every food and drug that the FDA approves will be untested and questionably safe for consumers.  The track record of the FDA is a dismal failure at keeping food and drugs safe for Americans. At this point the FDA appears to be promoting this newly created animal and the food supply is not that scarce that we need to eat manufactured animals for human consumption for the first time in history.  The fish is a mutant Atlantic salmon made by the AquaBounty Technology company that created through growth hormone genes and mixed with the DNA of a fish called the eelpout which is a much larger fish species.

The goal? Create a larger salmon for more profits on the food market.

The Labels?  None will indicated if you are eating a GMO salmon or a real salmon.

So what’s the problem? This fish will be manufactured unnatural fish created by Grown hormones.

These hormones will be consumed by people who will have no idea of what they are eating nor will the this fish be tested for ill effects or negative reactions.  After all, you have to consider that the fish is a man made fish and man has not “manufactured” animals to eat before this time.  This is another science experiment at the risk of the public being fooled, mis informed and consuming an experimental foodl.

You could conceivably concoct a sheep or a pig or a cow by genetic modification and the FDA will approve it without testing the product first.  This seems to be the name of the game today, profits before testing and the FDA has operated with this high risk policy for decades with very damaging and deadly results.

The fact that these fish will be grow in fish farms is another concern the FDA overlooked since fish grown in fish farms are filled with antibiotics, live in crowded pools and are highly contaminated with chemicals to counter act their bacteria count.  What fish in the open ocean requires antibiotics before you eat it?  Salmon grown in the wild of the ocean have proven to be healthier and more nutritious than farmed fish.

If you do not approve of the mutant salmon being sold to you do something about it:

Write to:

Send a message to:

President Barack Obama

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services

Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner, FDA

Marcia Larkins, Center for Veterinary Medicine Ombudsman, FDA

Before it is too late.  Because it will not stop at just salmon since the whole plan is to manufacture foods genetically until there will be no natural foods left at your local grocery store.  Already scientists are working on: sheep, pigs, beef, vegetables and now fish until all the food you eat will be tainted, modified and very unnaturally grown.  Remember if you live in Europe you will never be served a GMO fish at a restaurant, but the USA has trashed their reputation for profits and the FDA is a laughable joke.

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