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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is History

December 18, 2010 The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is History

For 17 years the ban on gays in the military and being open about being ga is history, declared today December 18, 2010 in the final days of the Democrat’s majority in the House and Senate.

The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell politics took longer to sort out than the necessary, due to people like John McCain and republicans in the service, who for years has opposed lifting the ban.  The Senator has served in the navy himself, but the real reasons to his strong opposition even after surveys, studies, reports from the military’s top brass all recommended lifting the ban, McCain a few others wanted to keep the status quo.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Repealed Dec 18, 2010
Don't Ask Don't Tell Repealed Dec 18, 2010

Today, a historic event in US history took center stage in the Senate who voted to appeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in a procedural vote, as Nancy Pelosi made it a stand alone bill which helped to pass it. This is just the start of repealing the bill, but a good beginning to actually ending the discriminatory policy.

Six Republicans joined the Democrats namely Susan Collins, Scott Brown, Lisa Murkowski, Olympia Snow, Richard Burr, Mark Kirk, John Ensign and George Voinovich voted to end the debate to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the motion was adopted at 3:31 p.m., December 18, 2010 and with 65 yes and 31 no.

The ban has forced American gay soldiers to hide their identity, to be forced into a closet which denies basic human rights and civil rights. As the US comes out of the dark ages, dozens of other countries have already allowed gays to serve openly in the military with out the danger of putting other soldiers at risk which was a ploy of the republicans.

Senator from Arizona John McCain has filibustered, fought, gathered support from other GOP’s but has failed to show real cause that it would harm the military.

The overwhelming evidence that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was discriminatory and after 18 years thousands of soldiers were dismissed for nothing more than their sexuality, which is not the business of government to determine or censor.

The Bill was introduced by former President Bill Clinton as a “compromise” to gays who wanted an open army and cowtailed to republican religious groups who were anti-gay during his first term as President.

Today, the 17 year old ban is now reversed and gays can serve openly in the US military for the first time in history. It is hard to believe that this law was allowed to discriminate against a segment of society that in today’s modern world present no threat to military defeat in wartime or in peace.

President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law, this week and before the end of the year.

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Editor’s Note:  It sort of reminds me of a Bob Dylan song, The Times They are A Changing.  We gotta go there with Bryan Ferry

Anti-Paladino Rally in Buffalo

OCT. 12, 2010  Anti-Paladino Rallies are planned in Buffalo as Carl Paladino the Tea Party Candidate make rather sharp remarks on homosexuals and gays in society.  His quotes about speedo’s, grinding, gay pride and what God created are bringing national attention to his position on gay marriage and rights. Gay rights groups are angry at the intolerance of Paladino’s remarks and his open disregard for a minority groups rights.

Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino
Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino

Especially noticed are gay pride organizations from Buffalo to New York City who plan to rebuke Paladino by demonstrating outside his campaign headquarters in the Ellicott Square Building on Main Street, Buffalo, New York.

The Pride Center of Western New York plans a peaceful rally to illustrate that the kind of comments and beliefs held by people like Carl Paladino are not tolerated and a response is necessary.

Meanwhile Paladino has backtracked on his comments all over the news TV stations indicating he is not a homophobe, and is for gay rights but not gay marriage.

Well you can’t really have it both ways to say you are for gay rights (that includes marriage) and then say you aren’t a homophobe.

It appears that Carl Paladino doesn’t really know how he feels and flip flopping now that he is branded himself as a homophobe isn’t doing his campaign much good.  He has raised the bar on homophobic rants and as a tea party candidate there is an image emerging that the party consists of various followers of bigotry, hate groups such as Nazi’s and they share a religious agenda of reforming government for a religious cause.

Morality however, cannot be legislated and forced onto the public just as much as a muslim cannot force sharia laws on Americans nor can the religious right.

There have been other Anti-Paladino rallies in the past and most notable is the NAACP who opposed him for racial comments, and sexually explicit material on his computer involving sex with a horse and pornography.

Other views of Carl Paladino is that a women raped by a stranger or a family member who becomes pregnant should be made to carry the child to full term, meaning she does not have the right to an abortion if she wishes to have one. In these extreme cases Paladino is effectively taking women’s rights back to the dark ages.  Paladino is a catholic religious radical who did not happen to mention anything about pedophile priests in the catholic church.

The church has recently sunk to an all time low and has been investigated for secret bank accounts, money laundering and in the past a gay prostitution procurement ring that work side by side to the Pope.  The gay sex ring originates from one of the Pope’s aides who was known to order up sexy boys twice daily in some circumstances from a known gay brothel.

Funny that Paladino did not mention all the sins of his own church but condemns gay pride parades attended by Andrew Cuomo and his family.  Paladino was critical of Cuomo attending a gay pride parade in New York City.

In this case the Carl Paladino’s of the world are slowing dying out of society as dinosaurs do and degrading your opponent for attending a pride parade is  not only shameful but a disgraceful way to make a rather weak argument on gay rights.

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Paladino Blasts Gay Pride

Oct. 11, 2010 Paladino Blasts Gays – In the race for Governor in New York State the latest news and gaff by the Tea Party candidate just may have clinched it for democrat Andrew Cuomo.
I don’t have any

Carl Paladino blasted his opponent Andrew Cuomo for taking his children to a gay pride parade and revealed his anti-gay sentiments.

His original statement was ” There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual. That is not how God created us”.

Paladino’s continuous statements on gays is a religious belief and has no place in politics or certainly anyone running for the position of Governor of New York State. God created homosexuality too.  Again with most tea party candidates they wish to interject religion and enforce religious beliefs on society which is not a popular policy and the door will slam tight on their campaigns.  Being anti-gay does not win votes.

The statements made by Paladino show a sharp contrast between the Tea Party taking society back to the dark ages, and Andrew Cuomo who has not come out with anti-gay or religious slurs. Paladino is a multi-millionaire who thinks you do it “my way or the highway”. On ABC Good Morning America interview Paladino claims he is “not a homophobic.”

What policies Paladino would inflict on homosexuals is not revealed or would he make it illegal to be gay in 2011? Would gays be corralled and sent to jail, would gays be denied equal rights, exactly how would Paladino enforce his opinions on society is unknown.

An attack on a gay man and two teenage boys by 8 men in the Bronx last week is an example of the hatred towards gays and higher teen suicide rates from gay bullying in schools is a hot button topic today. Paladino on the national news stated: “They wear those little speedo’s and grind against each other and its just a disgusting thing.”

Carl Paladino-Gay Basher Extrodinaire -Tea Party Favorite

You have to wonder why Sarah Palin has not come out of her closet to stump for Paladino -as one of the Mama Grizzlies he does not seem to fit the bill. Mr. Grizzly is already making more enemies than friends and is highly unlikely to appeal to mainstream voters.

With only 3 weeks to go before the mid-term elections the polls have democrat Cuomo in the lead in New York City by 70 to Paladino’s 17 percent. In those who identify themselves as favoring the Tea Party Paladino wins by a 69 to 15 percent margin however only 57 percent said they would absolutely vote for Paladino while 38 percent said they are fairly certain they would vote for him.

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Jackson Memorial Hospital

The woman is quietly slipping into a coma an dying and each moment is precious time for her partner another woman.

The scene is repeated everyday in hospitals across American and hospital staff are following “The Rules”. The establishment of hospitals is for the good of all patients whether they are black, white, gay, straight, poor or rich a hospital serves the public.

In the Jackson Memorial Hospital however they have rules to keep gay couples from visits which are only for “family members” and they strictly and in a bigot way follow the rules they make up themselves.

This hospital has committed the most inhumane and illustrated bigotry ever known to an institution which serves all people.


Your Partner is Not Allowed to See you Even Though You are Dying

Janice Langbehn’s partner is dying and she could not visit her in her final moments because she was gay. She was not a “family” member in the tradition of what prejudice decides who is considered or defined as a family. Here we are in 2010 and still ancient minds that run institutions that still are void of human decency, and all compassion especially when a human being is dying by the minute.

There are no laws still today for gays to have visitation rights which is why gay activists have been striving for equal human rights and the definition of family is based on some concocted notion of marriage between only a man and a woman.

Lisa Marie Pond was dying in the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida and as Janice said on CNN yesterday: “To hold Lisa’s hand wasn’t a gay right, it was a human right”.

When President Obama heard about this he phoned Janice personally and apologized for the actions of the Jackson Memorial Hospital.
He also advised the Dept of Health and Human Services to make a new rule prohibiting hospitals from stopping gay couples from visitation rights in circumstances such as this which is a grossly bigoted policy.

Lisa Marie died. Her partner was denied visiting her partner.
Janice had to wait until a real family member arrived which was Lisa Marie’s sister to be even given any information on where her partner was located in the hospital.

The hospital even moved the patient Lisa Marie and did not advise Janice where Lisa was and in what room she was located.

A lawsuit would only be fitting against this hospital in such an anti-gay state and city. Bigotry costs you big money.

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Pastors-No Marriage for Anyone

Several Pastors in California are banning marriage period. This is their way of upholding California Supreme Court decision to ban marriage for a segment of the population.  They will not be officiating any marriages at their Churches.

Gay Pastors Ban Straight Marriage In California
Pastors Ban Straight Marriage-No Marriage for Anyone in California

The Reverend Anne Cohen and Reverend Art Cribbs have more to say:

See: the Advocate

Then comes representative Anthony Weiner who advocates for mandatory Gay Marriage

Gloria Allred Weighs in on Marriage Ban

May 30, 2009  Gloria Allred a very prominent lawyer to famous entertainers and just causes has taken up the cause on Prop 8.

Recent statements she made to the Advocate :

“I don’t think there’s any basis whatsoever for any federal claim. This is the California supreme court interpreting a California amendment to the California constitution and they are uniquely suited to interpret the constitution and any initiative by the people. There is no federal claim asserted in any of the lawsuits [in the case that the California supreme court just decided on Tuesday.”

Gloria AllRed Weighs in on California Gay Marriage Ban
Gloria AllRed Weighs in on California Gay Marriage Ban

Therefore it’s clear that such a claim would not be successful if filed in federal court. The remedy now is to go back to the electorate and to seek another amendment to the constitution in our favor because it was in the 60 percentile range when Prop. 22 was passed — which was struck down by the California supreme court — and it had the same language as Prop. 8. And now it’s only 50%-plus for the passage of Prop. 8. So the trend is in our favor and I think we have a good change of winning at the next election in 2010 if an amendment is placed on the ballot. Having said that, this is a very sad day.”

While she was not mincing words on her views of Prop8 and the legalities of the Supreme Court decision it leaves a path open for her to be involved in overturning the decision at the next opportunity for a re-voting of the amendment. 

Curated News:

Gloria Allred on Repealing Prop 8- Video

A speech by Gloria Allred, Head Attorney in Supreme Court Marriage Cases, at the Repeal Prop 8 protest rally at Sacramento, CA on November 22, 2008.

California No to Prop#8-Anita Bryant Moments

California once again turned down gay marriage and defeated the appeal to California’s Court and now gay citizens who are paying taxes into the system of government that denies them the rights of marriage. In the name of religious freedom Prop 8 does not make any sense at all after taking away the rights to marry for a gay minority -so that it takes away the rights of people which is unconstitutional.

The state has governed regressively back to 1977 when Anita Bryant and her anti-gay groups discriminated against gays in the state of Florida. The reaction called for a boycott of Florida orange juice in which an industry suffered millions of dollars of loss to the Florida economy.

Where is Anita Bryant today? Well after receiving a few pies in the face, no where to be found. Bryant was actually successful in preventing gays from adopting children as Rosie O’Donnell found out. Rosie  was prevented from legally adopting her children under Florida state law. Today thousands of Florida kids remain without homes-thanks to the efforts of Anita Bryant and her anti-gay message backed by religious support groups.

The Supreme Court of California has chosen to also make California children remain without legitimacy and their parents are still without legalized rights.  Over 1,800 civil rights in California laws are now denying benefits and applicable laws regarding spouses to its gay community although gays again pay into the taxation system without reciprocity or the benefit of legal marriages.

California is up for another vote in 2010 or 2012 -the sooner the better as advocates are now preparing for another vote on gay marriage on ballot initiatives coming in the near future.

The war is on and gay vow to continue to fight for equality in marriage- for the next ballot fight on equality.

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California Bans Gay Marriage-Again Back to 1977

The ghost of Anita Byrant is revived again and we all feel an Anita Bryant moment coming on or a headache of grand proportions.  Tuesday May 26, 2009 will go down in history as the day the war began and California sinks deeper into an economic boycott and deeper in debt.

The State of California Supreme Court today denounces gay marriage once again and turns down an appeal on Prop 8 on the grounds that it took away rights -rather than promoting equal rights for gay marriage.

It was  a step back to 1977 when Anita Bryant the Miss America runner up for Florida condemned homosexuality in her campaign to stop a Miami ordinance which prohibited gay anti-gay discrimination.

Her group was called “Save the Children” as her moniker that stated gays were converting children to homosexuality.

Bryant herself stated:

“Since homosexuals cannot reproduce,” Bryant reasoned, “they must recruit and freshen their ranks.” Fanning the flames of anti-gay hysteria, Bryant helped convince the Florida legislature to pass a law that entirely barred gays from adopting children. Alternet.com

However, Bryant was instrumental in stopping gays from adopting children and to this day this is still the case.

The courts in this land are mixed about gay rights or gay marriage which a state like Iowa vote for gay marriage in the bible belt on one hand and then you have a very liberal state like California voting against gay marriage, although divorce is allowed only for heterosexual couples.  In the state of Texas we have a Supreme Court ruling which states that gay sodomy statute banning gay sex was unconstitutional. The court’s reasoning was that the sodomy ban was discriminatory both in the private and public lives of those involved.  Texas laws since 1999 have been far more accepting that California’s new gay marriage ban in 2009.

What Anita Bryant did manage to do actually hurt children in the long run because 3,400 of these kids who need homes will live their lives in institutions or risk being abused in foster homes.  These kids could have been adopted where it not for Anita Bryant. The Steve Lofton case of a gay man who wished to adopt 3 children with HIV that no one wanted to raise took on the courts and his care of these children as the courts describe has been “exemplary”.

The Supreme Court reasoning is that gays are discriminated against and the California Supreme court upheld that discrimination again.  The decision was voted 6 to 1 to uphold Prop 8 which basically revised the constitution.  Prop 8 was a vote by citizens who cannot change the constitution either, and it conflicted with existing laws that granted gay marriage in the first place.   The 18,000 marriages performed before Prop 8 was voted on are still legal which of course now discriminates against those that come after Prop 8 which is also against the law and constitutes gay marriage discrimination to just some people.

This decision not only will be condemned by most of society and other states that legalized gay marriages, but constitutes domestic terrorism to some marriage supporters. This willc ause a war in the gay community as protests are planned this evening and for time to come in all states this evening.

The other advantage that gay marriage proponents have in their favor is to remember that they are paying taxes into a system that they derive no benefit and no services from a state government that just took away their legitimacy in society.

Marc Solom the Marriage Director stated that today’s ruling will be restored in the next ballot box. The forces are being mobilized and thousands of volunteers are coming out of the closet so to speak – and the fight goes on.

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Miss California Approves of Opposite Marriage

In answering a question posed by one of the judges Perez Hilton the contestant from California in theMiss USA contest reminds you of the last time a contestant answered a question which didn’t really make any sense at all.

Perez Hilton who was one of the judges a gay advocate and entertainment critic was chosen by the guy who runs this dog and pony show none other than Donald Trump.  After all the Donald makes all the decision on his shows, especially this one.

In a rather confusing explaination of what gay marriage is Miss California Carrie Prejean thinks “its great that Americans are able to chose one or the other”.

In reality Miss Prejean it would be nice if there were free choices to chose one or the other or are you implying that gays can “chose” to be married to members of the opposite sex if the wanted to do that? The present system however for any choice for gays is simply not there.

We live in a land that you can chose same sex marriage or opposite marriage and you know what in…

Now this is interesting because opposite marriage is a term which …what is an opposite marriage exactly? Does this mean an opposite marriage is the opposite to marriage which would mean living in sin? Or does opposite marriage means heterosexual marriage and we do not quite live in a land that allows gay marriage so this statement is not only confusing but is untrue.

“my” country and in my family

In my country?  Does that not include “our” country too?

I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman no offense to anybody out there…

No offense?  Miss California ..you just alienated 12 percent of the population!!!   Seriously that was a apology, because if it was it was neither sincere or heartfelt because of the insensitive and highly ignorant (meaning you don’t really know what your talking about” and patronizing to gays everywhere. Gay rights must be protected under the law as straight rights ..did you get that Miss California?

but that’s how I was raised and that’s how I think it should be between a man and a woman..thank you.

But Miss California you have to understand that just because that is how “you” personally were raised in prejudice does not mean you have the right to dictate what rights gays should or should not have. Further more, it is time that the rights of gays are to be equal to other groups in society under the Constitution or is that not how you were raised?  Miss California “how you were raised” does not agree with the common rights bestowed to everyone in “your” country. Thankfully she is not running for President.


I’m a Democrat and I agree.

Everyone should be treated equally. It is as simple as that .

You should know the answer to this: they don’t care about truth, being hypocritical, or anything else. They care about advancing their ideals and ignoring or destroying anything and anyone that gets in the way. This is an attack on religious opposition and pastors who won’t wed them. It is about indoctrinating our society by force into their ignorance, hoping we don’t ever realize that their ideals are the same ones promoted by most barbaric societies of the past.

The communities you mention are not necesserily advocating against marriage. I’m not even sure that opposition to the institution of marriage is confined to homosexuals and liberals.
It’s about choice. Not all gay people want to get married; I am straight and I don’t necesserily think marriage is a great idea, but I will defend your right to get married whether you’re gay or straight, whatever my personal views are on the institution.

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