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NY Introduces Gay Marriage Legislation

The Governor of New York David Paterson introduced a bill on Thursday that will allow gay couples to marry in the State of New York while it becomes the 5th State to allow same sex marriages.

Governor Patterson idicated it was his honor and duty to make sure that “equality exists for everyone”

Gov. Paterson introduces Gay Marriage Legislation in New York

Governor Paterson knows all too well what discrimination is all about with his being an African American and a disabled blind Governor at that. He has felt the jokes from Saturday Night Live and has experienced the anger of racial discrimination.

The state of Vermont passed a law gay marriage law last week as well as Connecticut, Iowa, and the state of Massachusetts. Mike Bloomberg also gave his endorsement of passing the gay marriage law as New York’s mayor.

Governor Paterson mentioned that in two years ago in 2007 the gay marriage bill had passed in the lower house of New York but the upper chamber namely Republican led had turned it down. Some critics suggest that this is a last ditch effort for Governor Paterson to seek a strong lead in the upcoming election against Andrew Cuomo who is rising in the polls.

Paterson has been supportive of gay marriage for quite some time as he supported the law back in 1994 and he also helped its passage in 2007 in the Assembly.

It will appear that all these states and their acceptance of gay marriage legislation will put pressure on the State of California’s own Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to step in and end the discrimination in his own state. Arnold also failed to produce a Hummer in every driveway by driving his state into bankruptcy.

Gay Marriage is now become a hot potato for Republican new Rove guru Steve Shcmidt since he came out in favor of gay marriage and told Republicans not to let religious beliefs basically define the party.

John McCain the 2008 GOP nominee also supports gay marriage so it seems the right wing rednecks and religious fanatics are the ones who have to tow the line if they wish to be called Republicans or be part of their own party.

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