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California Bans Gay Marriage-Again Back to 1977

The ghost of Anita Byrant is revived again and we all feel an Anita Bryant moment coming on or a headache of grand proportions.  Tuesday May 26, 2009 will go down in history as the day the war began and California sinks deeper into an economic boycott and deeper in debt.

The State of California Supreme Court today denounces gay marriage once again and turns down an appeal on Prop 8 on the grounds that it took away rights -rather than promoting equal rights for gay marriage.

It was  a step back to 1977 when Anita Bryant the Miss America runner up for Florida condemned homosexuality in her campaign to stop a Miami ordinance which prohibited gay anti-gay discrimination.

Her group was called “Save the Children” as her moniker that stated gays were converting children to homosexuality.

Bryant herself stated:

“Since homosexuals cannot reproduce,” Bryant reasoned, “they must recruit and freshen their ranks.” Fanning the flames of anti-gay hysteria, Bryant helped convince the Florida legislature to pass a law that entirely barred gays from adopting children. Alternet.com

However, Bryant was instrumental in stopping gays from adopting children and to this day this is still the case.

The courts in this land are mixed about gay rights or gay marriage which a state like Iowa vote for gay marriage in the bible belt on one hand and then you have a very liberal state like California voting against gay marriage, although divorce is allowed only for heterosexual couples.  In the state of Texas we have a Supreme Court ruling which states that gay sodomy statute banning gay sex was unconstitutional. The court’s reasoning was that the sodomy ban was discriminatory both in the private and public lives of those involved.  Texas laws since 1999 have been far more accepting that California’s new gay marriage ban in 2009.

What Anita Bryant did manage to do actually hurt children in the long run because 3,400 of these kids who need homes will live their lives in institutions or risk being abused in foster homes.  These kids could have been adopted where it not for Anita Bryant. The Steve Lofton case of a gay man who wished to adopt 3 children with HIV that no one wanted to raise took on the courts and his care of these children as the courts describe has been “exemplary”.

The Supreme Court reasoning is that gays are discriminated against and the California Supreme court upheld that discrimination again.  The decision was voted 6 to 1 to uphold Prop 8 which basically revised the constitution.  Prop 8 was a vote by citizens who cannot change the constitution either, and it conflicted with existing laws that granted gay marriage in the first place.   The 18,000 marriages performed before Prop 8 was voted on are still legal which of course now discriminates against those that come after Prop 8 which is also against the law and constitutes gay marriage discrimination to just some people.

This decision not only will be condemned by most of society and other states that legalized gay marriages, but constitutes domestic terrorism to some marriage supporters. This willc ause a war in the gay community as protests are planned this evening and for time to come in all states this evening.

The other advantage that gay marriage proponents have in their favor is to remember that they are paying taxes into a system that they derive no benefit and no services from a state government that just took away their legitimacy in society.

Marc Solom the Marriage Director stated that today’s ruling will be restored in the next ballot box. The forces are being mobilized and thousands of volunteers are coming out of the closet so to speak – and the fight goes on.

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