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Growing Anger over Gardasil and the Media

Growing Anger over Gardasil and the Media

HPV viruses do not cause Cervical Cancer, by Mike Adams of Natural News

The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed

Gardasil is not even proven to prevent cancer, that is a fallacy and a huge, giant leap of a faith or more aptly put a lie.

Gardasil is the trade name from Merck and Cervarix is another brand made by Glaxo Smith Kline and both giant drug makers have made billions on HPV vaccines since 2007, already they have been on the market for five whole years without testing for causing cancer.

Whether the injections contain cancer cells requires more testing instead of promotions by the major television news networks. The vaccine is tested by the very same manufacturers who make the vaccine a setup just ripe for corruption.

Growing Anger over Gardasil and the MediaGrowing Anger over Gardasil and the Media


Growing Anger over Gardasil

 From the Mercola Website since 2007 there is a growing anger by parents who’s teenage girls have been damaged by Gardasil.


However, Gardasil has caused conflicts between state legislatures who want to require young girls to take it and parents who believe such laws circumvent their rights. Meanwhile, Rotateq, designed to prevent gastrointestinal illnesses in children, has led to growing incidents of intussusception, a rare and life-threatening form of intestinal blockage.

 Dr Andrew Wakefield was destroyed in the media for his study report findings that have been duplicated by other medical experts in the USA, for suggesting there was a link between the MMR vaccine and gastro-intestinal problems in babies vaccinated with the MMR which is a triple shot of Mumps, Measles and Rhubella vaccine. Dr. Wakefield was dragged through the mud by CNN reporter Anderson Cooper who didn’t do much research on the topic.

 Never before in history have so many vaccines been given so early in life from a day old baby and now given well into adult hood so much so that vaccines like drugs are given for a life time, precisely what gives pharmaceutical a reoccuring revenues for the life of a person.

Now Gardasil is being promoted to young teenage boys to be injected with a cancer cell, supposedly that will ward off cervical cancer. Does this even make any sense to parents?


Growing Anger over Gardasil and the Media

There are FCC rules and regulations of what role the news plays in describing a story where they can use their influence or rather are influenced by their ad buying clients to slant the news in such a manner so as to distort the truth or facts about a particular vaccine. 

News reports where there are questionable results such as in the case of Gardasil, must Guard against favoring their patron sponsors and causing the public to accept their stories as factual and real truthful accounts.

Many news stories you hear on mainstream media television networks are slanted towards the benefit and profitability of pharmaceuticals.

Any negative stories are grossly attacked, as we witnessed with Dr. Richard Besser who is employed with ABC and was a former employee of the FDA. We’ve seen it with CNN and Anderson Cooper’s reports on not only the Gardasil vaccine but also his report with Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

The MMR vaccine has been officially linked to Autism as per the International Coalition of Drug Awareness.

CNN has become the laughing stock of national news media and it is not the CNN that Ted Turner used to own back in it’s hay day

CNN brands itself as a Premier network and you hear the catch phrase:

Keeping them Honest

which is truly a joke on themselves.

Growing Anger over Gardasil and the Media

Any mention of any medical professional, scientist, doctor or expert in independent studies not involved in the clique between media and pharmas are quickly denounced, called names, ostracized and demonized in the media as a quack as was Dr. Wakefield.

We can’t show you the CNN Anderson Cooper attack  of Dr. Andrew Wakefield besides we wouldn’t want to give them any more publicity. 

But this is Alex Jones interviewing Dr. Wakefield about the attack interviews and the apology he never got from CNN, NBC, ABC who all attacked him for having reported his findings.  Dr. Wakefield never came out and said anyone should not be vaccinated.


Just look at what they are doing to Michele Bachmann for staying a mom told her that her daughter was damaged mentally by vaccines. It is not a joke, the mother was most likely to be describing a side effect of mercury poisoning and vaccines are known to cause mental confusion.

In the last days of her life young Jasmine (see our story on Gardasil) was described as confused by her own mother. The mom said her daughter was mentally damaged after the vaccine and before she died.

 So as Congress and politicians are being scanned with contempt from the public, so to is lame stream media for distorting news and performing their duties for their corporate owners the pharmaceuticals. It all rather paints an ugly picture, of a corrupted media that likens to the Rupert Murdoch influence peddling in the UK government. 

 But an aggressive campaign to vaccinate small children reaches far beyond the pale and becomes a system where a parent cannot chose but is mandated, pressured, induced on all sides from doctors, television so called News stories and from the ads that appear on national broadcasts.

Growing Anger over Gardasil and the Media

One has only to look at the social media sites to get a grip on how the public feels about Gardasil, the videos presented from mothers who lost their children on YouTube and now another campaign to mandate vaccines continues in many US states. As the tragedies mount, as more kids become sick, or damaged from vaccines then maybe lame stream media will wake up and find out they were wrong.

Dead Wrong about Vaccines especially Gardasil, by then it will be too late. Millions of US teenagers have already been vaccinated.

Growing Anger over Gardasil and the Media

There comes into play certain regulations over the FCC we’ve been tweeting about them and called attention to certain rules of the game when it comes to television news media and their consistency in going over the line.

There are penalties for tv stations who air fake news that are really commercials for their sponsors products.

We’ve all seen it on ABC News with Richard Besser’s attack on Dr. Oz, we’ve seen it on CNN attacking Dr. Wakefield when they (the network) was proved to be wrongly attacking Dr. Wakefield.

Do you see a pattern here?

Attacking those who oppose vaccinations seems to be the “news” on all networks and they all receive ad revenues from pharmaceuticals.

From the Free Press there was a case where a television local station in March 2011, was fined for airing commercials disguised as news segments dating back to 2006.

You could not tell the news stories from the commercials it was that blatant.

In their findings the Federal Communications Commission pointed out that the tv station violated the sponsorship identification rule. The complaint was filed by the Free Press and the Center for Media and Democracy jointly.

Now in the case of Dr. Oz, we know that ABC network carries ads for the five major food producers said to have tainted apple juice with arsenic over the allowable FDA limits.

In the case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, CNN knows their sponsors (pharmaceuticals) make the MMR vaccine. Today broadcasting has stepped over the line of democratic news reporting with ethics and used their news segments to attack the opponents of their sponsors products, even if the opponents are not really opposing the products. The case of Dr. Wakefield involves his findings of a relationship of gut and intestinal problems with autism children.

We believe Dr. Oz and Dr. Wakefield are owed an on air apology by ABC and CNN respectively if they are to keep any sense of decency in their news reports. Both networks have positioned themselves on the wrong side of history and have torpedoed their own credibility.

More Information on the Gardasil Hoax

 More Teenagers Die after Gardasil HPV Vaccines

Truth about Gardasil for Young Teens

The War on Gardasil

WHO Ads for H1N1 Vaccines

The Vaccine Paradox The World Health Organization Promotes Untested H1N1 Vaccines

Washington: Feb. 25, 2010   The Pandemic Committee of the WHO orders more vaccinations of people as part of the media blitz announcing that the H1N1 pandemic epidemic national emergency orders are still in effect. 

The Who plans more news conferences on CNN and NBC to promote vaccination of every living person, dog and cat in the universe.

Infants, fetuses, the old, the sick, the dying, the pregnant, the children, the babies, the teenagers and the elderly must all be vaccinated by Friday, March 1, 2010. 

All world governments must obey the orders given by the WHO that this emergency must not be concluded.

All 15 experts hired by the WHO all concur that the confidential recommendations by this committee must be carried out especially by the CDC, FDA and NIH and all 192 member states plus the Vatican. 

The top flu expert Keiji Fukuda will make an emergency announcement on Wednesday at 1000 GMT.

The CDC has ramped up massive vaccines of children in Denver Schools giving children 5 vaccines at one sitting including Gardasil, H1N1,  and 3 other vaccines to young adults and kids.  This experiment is still being carried out today under orders from the US government.

The drug makers of the vaccine are: Glaxosmithkline that make that killer diabetes drug Avandia that gives patients heart attacks, and as reported by Business Week they knew the danger of heart attacks before they sold the drug.

(Update: Business Week has removed this link to their article most likely ordered by Glaxosmithkline June 27, 2012)  but the listing is still in Google Search: as you can see: the article was entitled:

Glaxo Knew Avandia Caused heart risk- report -Business Week

Over 82,000 diabetes patients were almost killed off with Avandia prescribed by their doctors while battling diabetes. Glaxo has reached a settlement for the reported damage to unsuspecting diabetic patients in court.

Flu Vaccine by David Dees

Artwork by David Dees

The World Health Orders everyone to get the H1N1 Vaccine

The Vaccine Paradox

GlaxosmithKline is still racing to make more H1N1 vaccines despite the fact that they botched Avandia its on to the next big thing -freaking pig viruses.  Do you trust Glaxosmithkline has your best interests at heart or greedy corporate profits?  What do you think, are you feeling lucky punk?

It does not matter to the WHO that the H1n1 vaccine has not been proven to prevent any viruses.

It doesn’t matter that the H1N1 will cause cancer.

It doesn’t matter to the WHO that people will get auto-immune related diseases from the vaccine.

It doesn’t matter that the H1N1 vaccine has caused thousands of miscarriages of pregnant women.

The WHO is cautioning that we will need a new swine vaccine each year and the US government will buy them each year for billions of dollars of taxpayers money -that’s your money by the way.

The WHO orders the US government to give out and make sure that 350 Million Americans MUST all be vaccinated by law and under threats made by the George Bush Emergency Preparedness Act.  Americans have lost their freedoms and parental consent is not necessary as the schools in Denver have become vaccine clinics.  Parents cannot refuse to vaccinate their children or they will be punished by law.

The WHO practically guarantees the H1N1 Swine virus will mutate requiring even more vaccines will be forced onto you.  You have a greater chance of dying in a Toyota runaway vehicle.  The WHO a parody of sickness spreading around the world.

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Updated: Business Week reports another Vaccine Recall of Sanofi for a Tuberculosis Vaccine that is causing Sterility amongst recipients.


Gardasil HPV -Sudden Death

Gardasil HPV-Sudden Death  Updated August 30, 2011 2:00 p.m. EST

Originally Posted: February 4, 2010  

Gardasil HPV -Sudden Death takes Toll on Teenagers

You can go anywhere in the world where the vaccine Gardasil is sold to a government which starts vaccinating in schools without testing and without safety against the side effects and see the results. Many teens die within hours, some after a few days and some are damaged for life.

Fatal Doses of Gardasil HPV and Sudden Death

In New Zealand it is the same story as in Denver -schools are being used and paid to administer Gardasil but in Denver they are giving kids 5 vaccines at once. 

The parents of these kids are barely aware of what they are allowing school officials to administer 5 vaccines that were never tested for causing cancer to be given to their children without questions. The vaccines cause irreparable harm to young teens and their immune system with deadly viruses and heavy metal chemicals.

In Denver elementary schools kids are being given high doses of piled on vaccines which include the H1N1 Swine Vaccine which is still untested.   No long term studies have ruled out permanently damage to the human body.

In the Vaccine Totalitarians from 2004 Larry Solomon discusses the CDC’s Phony Crisis of that year which is five years before the Swine Flu Hoax of last year.  Back then as Larry states there was a faked “shortage of vaccines” from the pharmas in the UK., which used a misleading and untrue shortage as a marketing campaign.

Gardasil HPV -Sudden Death

What the FDA is hiding about Gardasil HPV-Sudden Death

The same tactic was used in 2009 with the CDC doing a poor job at fudging the numbers and cooking the books on swine flu deaths by falsely overstating deaths that occurred due to other factors.

If you sneezed and died you had Swine Flu, if you had a cough before you died you died of Swine Flu and the numbers were highly suspiciously inflated to ensure people were frightened.

Here is Jasmine’s Story




Updated Feb 5, 2010

Editors Note:

If you are a Parent and are Concerned that YOU are not being GIVEN ENOUGH INFORMATION on what long term effects Gardasil will have on your children this site will give you more details.
For further Reading on Gardasil from an unbiased and unpaid source contact :


This site has documented information on Gardasil for parents and for young daughters and sons who are not given truthful research and information on ingredients.

It breaks down all the chemical names that the pharmaceuticals hide from the general public by changing the names of chemicals and the average person would need an physicians drug reference book to look this information up.  Well it is all here for you to read.  From the aluminum to the MSG in this vaccine and what it does – you need to read this before you vaccinate your kids.

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