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Pinterest Gaining on Twitter, Facebook

Pinterest is gaining followers and is now ranked Number Three only behind the two mammoth social sites, Twitter and Facebook.

Pinterest Gaining on Twitter, Facebook

The newest social website that grew in only six months of launching and is gaining strong results says Digital Marketer.

Rankings for March, 2012 according to Digital Market experts are:

Facebook has 7 Billion visitors, based in the US

Twitter had 182 million visitors, based in the US

Pinterest has 104 million total visitors based in the US

For Pinterest to be growing this fast and out rank Google +, Linkedin, Tumblr and My Space is an amazing trend to watch the small company’s dramatic rise to compete with the big boys on the internet.

 Pinterest is Gaining- Why is it So Interesting?

The Pinboards are catching favor with internet users mainly because the public is tired of reading content rather than the visual appeal of messaging through images and it requires less time.

For corporate messaging logos, products and pictures can be used to capture the users attention as a new form of social media.

Pinterest is like a major scrapbook, a virtual pin board and very much appeals to women more than men. 

People pin a picture to their boards and others can vote to like the picture and also get to pin it on their boards as a compliment and a vote of shared interests.

Pinterest validates content based on images rather than text content. Text content is really still good, but not as quickly consumed by internet users and that is what makes Pinterest so appealing.

Pinterest is also of great interest to the political scene especially with a national election this year, and President Obama has a Pinterst account.  Mrs. Rommey also uses Pinterest to capture the lost women voters who have been bashed by new republican legislation for the last year.

Pinterest is gaining followers since it is using the part of the brain that appeals to visual people, who process content through visual images.

The first reaction a person has to content on a computer screen is a visual reaction, not a text and thought process reaction which comes secondary.

Depending on the appeal of the first visual response, the visitor then will decide if the interest is great enough for further reading about the image.  

Who is Using Pinterest?

Pinterest has a huge female audience, of all ages and is a fun site to exchange, share and bookmark photos of interests to the pinner and the pin watcher.

Branding with Pinterest

Pinterest is now used by major corporations especially those who are targeting a female audience, including food, recipes, books, art, music, household products, health, children and many more topics. This is exceptionally useful for mobile phone, tablets, ipads, iphones and presents a visual display of thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

Fun Stuff

This pin we found particularly hilarious pinned by Jane Wang 



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