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Wikileaks Protests Start in Australia

Dec. 10, 2010 Wikileaks protests start in Australia and kicking off in Melbourne is just the beginning of a world wide support new network of people since the last release of documents.

Wikileaks the whistle blower website has been cyber attacked, its’ payment system for donations stripped, its hosting service cancelled, and its founder thrown in jail all from the efforts of the US State Department. Even the US government forbids its employees from reading the Wikileaks cable releases of last week and it is beginning to look like the United States is becoming China due to its censorship of the internet.

However kicking off the actual protest in Australia, Julian Assange’s home country will include speeches from human rights lawyers, federal MP’s in Australia’s Green Party Adam Brandt and many more.  Organizer Vashti Jane says she expects crowds of thousands of supporters of Wikileaks asking for the release of Assange who is currently in a UK prison on trumped up charges of rape from Sweden.

One of the women who accuses Assange of rape has already left Sweden and will not testify against him.  The charges were previously withdrawn by the Swedish prosecutor in the case.

Ms. Jane says ” the people who have tortured people in Iraq and killed people through the war on terror are the real criminals not Julian Assange”.

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Revenge of the Wikileaks

December 8, 2010 Revenge of the Wikileaks as the star wars begins with the retaliation against companies that dropped Wikileaks in the last few week or caused problems for the whistle blower website.

The  payment system PayPal dropped Wikileaks, Amazon dropped their hosting accounts, Mastercard dropped their monitary accounts, bank accounts, and tried to stiffle or shut down Wikileaks are now being attacked themselves by a cyber hack war.

Paypal’s Vice President Osama Bedier admitted they shut down Wikileaks accounts for payments due to pressure from the government.  Bedier said that the US State Department said that Wikileaks was conducting “illegal activities” however the First Amendment rights of any individuals including corporations is protected by the Constitution which has been completely hacked by this administration.

Even Sarah Palin’s site called SarahPAC was apparently attacked and she claims that her personal credit card information and the website were hacked on line by supporters of Wikileaks.  Earlier last week Palin had attacked Wikileaks on her Twitter account however when an CBS News producer tried to access her site they were able to. Whether Palin made this up or if it was real is anyone’s guess because she said her site was “disrupted” along with her husband’s credit card information. Now why would Todd Palin’s credit card information be accessible by the public on her Pac website?  Sounds fishy or contrived.

Assange Taken to Court in the UK and Arrested, Imprisoned Dec 7, 2010
Assange Taken to Court in the UK and Arrested, Imprisoned Dec 7, 2010

Julian Assange still in prison in the UK

These companies were all forced to act by contact with the US state department who are trying to reset the clock after cable documents were released by Wikileaks a few weeks ago.

Since that time the UK’s Scotland Yard have arrested the CEO and founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange in London acting on an arrest warrant from Sweden from two women who cannot speak to the press about his not using condoms during consensual sex with Assange.  The warrant had previously been withdrawn, but after the cable release was brought instantly back to life again.

Assange voluntarily met with police to set a trial date for extradition but was not allowed back out on bail.  However this sparked anger and has virtually made him a hero n the eyes of the public world wide and supporters are posting bail, posting money for his legal fees and the support is growing by the day, each day he is spending in jail grows more anger in the public.

The cyber attacks were aimed at Mastercard, the Swedish prosecutors office however this was after the main site for Wikileaks was attack by hackers as well and shut down.  MasterCard had announced it will not process donations for Wikileaks on Monday. Swiss Bank PostFinance was also hit because they recently closed Julian Assange’s account before he was imprisoned.

Since Wikileaks was attacked the site is back up in 60 different locations and can be mirrored by many thousands more.  In addition Assange warned that the leaks will continue inspite of the fact that he is in jail at the moment the whistle blower site can still release documents and data through other sources.

What will become of the situation is anyone’s guess but the war has escalated  because of the apparent US government attempts to keep secrets from the public on US affairs.  A spokesperson for Wikileaks Kritinn Hrafnsson said ” The release of the U.S. Embassy cables -the biggest leak in history will still continue”  ” we will not be gagged, either by judicial action or corporate censorship” he said.

On Wednesday another 52 cables were released totally some 1,112 so far.  Other statements were made regarding Visa, MasterCard and credit card payments for donations directed at Wikileaks:

” We strongly believe that a world class company such as Visa should not get involved by politics and just simply do their business where they are good at – transferring money.”

Really the best thing the US government can do right now before this gets really ugly is to negotiate with Assange and not threaten him or keep him in jail. The whole idea is freedom of the press and the best advice we can give the government is to tell it all yourself.  If the government has no secrets they have nothing to fear however there is more that the US public has been kept from hearing on the premise that there are national security issues.

The worse that has happened is we learned that Ahmadinejad is a snake but no national security so called “secrets” have harmed anyone or lost anything for the American government.

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Assange’s Lawyers Being Watched

Dec. 5, 2010 Julian Assange’s Lawyers are being watched no doubt by the bumbling State Department, CIA, FBI and US military proving that the US pays no attention to the laws of client-lawyer confidentiality.

Julian Assange’s lawyer on the BBC claims he is being followed as he tries to speak or meet with his client the man is under surveillance by the US state department.

Again this proves the US has no problems with breaking the laws, protocol or foreign laws for that matter and they are plainly going overboard on their reaction to Wikileaks leader Julian Assange.

Already the website has been attacked continuously by cyber attacks from hackers, their funding accounts have been closed with PayPal, their DNS  have been shut down with Amazon, and they are still on the internet. You can’t keep the truth from getting to the people no matter how corrupt the US government becomes in its quest to squash information and truth to the public Wikileaks still is in good shape.

The more the US tries to shut down Wikileaks the more supporters it gains in the eyes of the world and freedom fighters. The growing swell of support of which are globally gaining in numbers due to the US military policies does not make the US a favorite in this dog fight.

The US policies in the middle east and what these expenses are doing to its own economy are the issues no one is speaking about when mentioning Wikileaks.

According to the United Nations and the UN’s Basic Principals the US state department cannot interfere with a lawyer and client and they are to ensure that the lawyer is ” able to perform all of their professional functions without intimidation, hindrance, harassment, or improper interferences”.

Secondly the Principals that the US state department continues to ignore are clearly stated as:

” lawyers shall not be identified with their clients or their clients’ causes -as a result of discharging their function”.

US State Dept Follows Wikileaks Lawyers Violating UN Protocol
US State Dept Follows Wikileaks Lawyers Violating UN Protocol

Assange is said to be located in Britain and in a letter from the US Ambassador and representing the US government the letter was addressed to Assange’s lawyer by name and Mr. Assange.  Thereby implicating the lawyer and that is not only inappropriate but against UN policy.

The law firm Finers Stephens Innocent has told the Guardian that their have been watched outside their homes by people in parked cars for the past 7 days.  The lawyers have stated this is the work of security services that are monitoring their every move.

Some of the wild comments from the Republican party have become a lynching mob for the comments made by a minister Mike Huckabee said that “anything less than execution is too kind a penalty”.  However Huckabee a loser in the 2008 Presidential election did not comment on the leaks and information hidden from the public and the real actions of the US government.

The trumped up charges against Julian Assange originating from Sweden were dropped, and there was no evidence in the case however under pressure from the US government the charges and warrant are being re-issued by the bumbling Swedish prosecutor’s office.

The whole focus is on Wikileaks founder being some sort of a villain in this case but very little is being aimed at the source of the problems, corruption, and lies told by the US government involving the two wars.

Wikileaks leaked out 250,000 of American diplomatic cables sent from meetings in foreign countries revealing the US government has broken many laws and they continue to do so.

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Source: The UK Guardian

Wrap My Pink Salmon-Sarah Palin

Nov. 1, 2010  Tea Party leader Sarah Palin in response to an article regarding members of the GOP who are reportedly trying to erase her influence in the party she is whacking them back with her pink salmon.

In her response on Fox’s Greta Van Susteren she said that the article “it is not worth even wrapping my pink salmon in”.

Sarah Palin's Pink Salmon and GOP Secrets
Sarah Palin's Pink Salmon and GOP Secrets

Palin is referring to an article stating with or without sources that there are certain members of the GOP who without surprise are rebuking her.  Her attempts to point out the unnamed sources are too afraid to identify themselves,  does not detract from the point of the article or the plot.

Michael Steele Tells GOP to Shut Up

Michael Steele the chairman of the GOP came out swinging today telling “these republican leaders who don’t put their names in print but make comments in shadows need to shut up”. It is no secret that Sarah Palin has enemies in the republican party.

The Steele confirmation makes the article story and comments more of a real threat to Sarah Palin.  The article goes on to illustrate that the main task after Tuesday’s midterms will be to stop Palin from a 2012 run for the White House.  This would explain why Mitt Romney has remained in the shadows as a viable candidate for the GOP Presidential run in two years whom the GOP would solidly back without question.

The Carl Rove Factor

One of the usual suspects would be a certain Carl Rove who has not appreciated Palin’s endorsements especially of the recent Christine O’Donnell witchy pick.

Rove has gone rogue also and has been neatly negative towards Palin’s chances in 2012 and he is quoted as stating Palin does not exhibit the “gravitas” to be President.

Rove also called her new upcoming special “a reality show”.  Then in his interview with Sarah Palin,  Chris Wallace said to Palin that she was making too much money to be seriously running for President and along with that she is having way too much fun.

Back in 2008 Palin also had to squelch stories of discord in the GOP on her clothes shopping spree and going rogue with her speeches during the 2008 campaign. See MSN At that time Palin cited ” unnamed sources with their own agenda will say what they want but from Gov. Palin on down we have one agenda and that is to win on Election Day”. How the two factions of the now Tea Party-Republican party can operate or govern is a guessing game and only one will emerge to lead the parties.

The McCain Palin Losses in 2008

It turned out that McCain Palin lost and this is the concern of the GOP Republicans. Palin was then cited for going rogue and not following the party’s platform and today she has her own agenda which will apparently lead the conservatives or they are finished as she stated to the media.

What Sarah Palin does not admit to even after she claims to hold a degree in journalism is that there is such a policy as confidential sources for an article in the press.  Dating back to 1972, even under court order,  journalists have and can refused to name their sources. However in this case, the court of public opinion is what matters and the GOP’s concerns must be heard not just Sarah Palin’s version of the facts.

The First Amendment-State Laws for the Press

This is why we have freedom of speech, freedom of the press and this is amply described in Journalism 101. It is a code of ethics not to reveal sources and calling them chicken doesn’t help your case. It appears Sarah Palin like her ally Christine O’Donnell have not read the constitution very thoroughly especially the First Amendment.

Although the Tea Party candidates are obsessive about the Constitution the fact remains they do not understand the document or appreciate it’s value.  Freedom of the press is upheld in many states by laws protecting the press in provisions in their own state constitutions from revealing sources.

Palin’s response on the Fox Greta Van Susteren Show:

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