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Donald Trump Ron Paul Can’t Get Elected

Feb. 13, 2011 Donald Trump-Ron Paul cannot get elected and he happens to be right on the money.  While Paul won the straw vote that only represents the Republican side of the economy not the entire country he has no concept on fixing the economy.

What Donald Trump has to offer is an intelligent plan to restore our trade deals with the country that is doing the most damage to the US economy and that is China.

While the Democrats and Republicans argue about the small stuff like the social issues, the outdated abortion issues, the health care of Americans issues, the gay marriage issues -“China is eating our lunch” as Trump said.  While China sits back and laughs at the stupidity of Americans we know deep down The Donald is right.

Donald Trump Lays it out at CPAC-Ron Paul Can't Win in 2012-He's Right
Donald Trump Lays it out at CPAC-Ron Paul Can't Win in 2012-He's Right

Donald Trump happens to be a well-respected business man who knows the issues that have to be fixed and it starts with China. No other candidate for President has his track record, or has run as many successful businesses as Donald Trump and yet they booed when he spoke the truth at the CPAC Conference.  We booed at the truth because we can’t take the truth.

China’s Unfair Trade Practices

The US has allowed the import of cheap, Chinese products sold at Wal-Mart, Sears, Target, Bon Ton, or any other huge mega retail distribution stores all or at least 95 percent of those products are made in China.

Wal-Mart has become China’s distribution center into the US economy and all other major retailers followed suit for cheaper products with higher mark ups.

The US is buying all those products from a foreign country, which means Americans do not manufacture much of anything anymore and the money is flowing out of the country instead of circulating from within our borders.

China has systematically over time invaded, copied or duplicated our products, stolen our patented inventions and has successfully sold them back to us. The Chinese culture is to steal, rob and defeat the enemy which happens to be the United States.   As Trump says ” they are laughing at us” and “they can’t believe what they are getting away with”.

China’s Products Feed American’s Gluttony of Consumption

When you purchase a coffee maker made in China it lasts exactly less than one year. You will not return it to the store because you only paid $ 40.00 for it. You will throw it in the garbage and go buy another one. The parts break, the plastic is cheap and the steel that comes out of China is cheaper and inferior quality to what was once US steel.  The imprint of “stainless steel” means it will rust or dull requiring much cleaning.

Next year, same thing happens and you buy another coffee maker and another.  Soon every community’s land fills are brimming with broken Chinese coffee makers and products of inferior quality while we are still trying to figure out why our government is allowing this to happen. Multiplied by millions of consumers, over dozens of years and add up the money Americans spent on inferior products and you get the big picture.

It is not only the US but the Canadian government that has allowed Chinese imports to flood our markets in many industries from cars, food, technology, consumer goods, pet food, baby food, clothes, batteries, TV’s and yes coffee makers by the millions.  We buy these products and give China trillions of dollars back which as the same time decimates our manufacturing businesses.

China even takes care of our landfills by filling containers full of garbage and hauling it back to China on freighters to be recycled into more products for us to buy back from them again.  We won’t even go into the cheap smell of dollar stores that are importing the useless garbage in the five and dime stores aimed at low income families. Some of these products are actually deadly with lead in the paint on dinner dishes, coffee cups that have dangerous amounts of lead or baby foods with melamine and even dog food with poison.

The monster that is killing our North American economies is China and while we fight each other stupidly and hang onto every word that the Sarah Palin’s say in the media, we have lost the more important big picture.  While we watch the Kardashian sisters on our Chinese made LED TV’s we are past the point of being anesthetized to the looming indebtedness and our own societal failures in economic growth.

As the American dream continues to fade and as the China economy continues to burst at the seems, we just don’t get it, but Donald Trump calls it like it is and sees the bigger picture.  The Ron Pauls’ who promise to defend the Constitution will not be relevant in a bankrupt country as much as he would like to wrap himself around it the threat from China completely bypasses his speeches.  Ron Paul has not made the China trade agreements the major issue, he’s still thumping his chest about freedom and a piece of paper called the Constitution.   Ron Paul has probably never reviewed a US-China Trade Agreement in his life in spite of decades in government.

The freedom won’t matter in a few years because they out smarted us a long time ago and continue to swindle us in weak trade deals.  The negotiators of our trade deals are completely inept to conduct a business meeting with the Chinese government.

We are too afraid of them.

The very least Obama or any Republican controlled house could do is to listen to the man who should at least be in charge of trade negotiations with foreign countries who are eating our lunch like OPEC another contentious issue on fixed oil prices.

Trump on OPEC: ” OPEC sits around the table and tells you what the oil prices will be and we don’t have a President that calls OPEC and says that price is coming down and it’s coming down now. If Wilbur was sent over there or one of a small group, not a large group, a small group, I think things would change.

“You know what money they OPEC made at $20? You know what money they are making today. One city — I won’t say what — a major city over there, they told me, yes, Mr. Trump, we are ripping down the entire city and we’re building a new one, OK? This is the kind of money we’re talking about. I’d love to see money coming into this country and not going out. Remember this, oil is the blood of our nation and you can’t have a successful nation with $125 oil.”

Trump would also tax the hell out of oil companies, tax the hell out of them.  What’s to  stop OPEC and oil companies from charging $300.00 a barrel? Nothing much.

One more suggestion for the politicians in charge today of protecting the trade of the United States a regulation of any US corporation that outsources jobs should have an import tax on their products if they are importing them back to the US market.

Another problem is that this administration does not punish corporations that outsource jobs and then expect to import those products made in foreign countries. Economically it makes absolutely no sense to expect this trend to continue when Americans are jobless.  Basically the corporations who engage in outsourcing are cutting their own throats buy killing off the income of their customers but who cares.  Jobless Americans don’t buy consumer goods.

Who the hell cares when the Kardashian’s are on TV?

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Donald Trump Addresses CPAC Convention Feb, 2011 -The Big Picture