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Organic or Factory Foods

Organic or Factory Foods the US food industry has become a tainted mess of GMO, antibiotics, vaccinated animals, that Russia will not buy. Factory foods are hurting the economy, damaging US food exports and costing jobs. The USDA's close ties to corporate factory foods erodes jobs. Read more [...]

FDA Raids Organic Store with Guns Drawn

FDA Raids Organic store with Guns Draw -Updated Monday August 8, 2011  Originally posted: August 22, 2o1o  The FDA has been very busy protecting the American public health by raiding an organic store Read more [...]

FDA Declares Salmonella Safe for Humans

August 22, 2010   The news from a USA Today report indicates at least 1,300 people have been sickened from salmonella in eggs they consumed and thought were safe. The only eggs that are safe are organically Read more [...]