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Flu Vaccines Rise-Death Toll Rises -Dr. Eisenstein

As Dr. Eisenstein points out -the more vaccines for the flu or any flu including the swine flu – the more people get vaccinated -the more deaths result from the flu. As you will see in this video -it is odd that flu vaccines do not reduce deaths by flu, in fact they increase the death rate.

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Flu Vaccines in their present form and especially the Swine Flu Fiasco – represents the greed and ironic claims of this vaccine crazy that has suddenly received far too much “media Hype” and attention. Vaccines are not proven to work and we want the government of the United States to stop wasting taxpayers dollars. If you want to join the fight against damaging vaccines -send us your name -we are starting a nation wide petition in The USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries against the US government wasting money and the prohibition of manditory flu vaccines and drugs that are damaging people’s health.

Join the Fight – Against Unsafe Vaccines and Drugs

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