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Heathrow Airport 3 Men Held for Verbal Threats

Jan. 10, 2010 3:13 p.m.

Several male passengers were held at Heathrow Airport in the UK when police arrested three men who were in their fifties after they made verbal threats against the air crew.  The men were escorted off the plane by armed guards and as a result of a bomb threat.

The plane was Flight EK004 which was headed for Dubai and was an Emirates flight and the investigators then searched the aircraft with bomb sniffing dogs but no dangerous material was found.  The other passengers had to be taken off the flight and were driven to a hotel for an overnight stay.  These are the times we are living in with heightened security around the world at all airports.  The travel tips of the 2010 article we wrote mentioned to not even say the word “bomb” for you will be arrested and taken into custody.

The safety of the passengers is vital to the aircraft industry now that the Christmas Day bomb attempt by a Nigerian has given investigators the news that there are approximately 20 others or more who will attempt similar bomb attacks on US bound or UK aircraft.

One of the passengers restrained the suspected men as the three were threatening other passengers on the flight.  The passenger said the suspect mentioned threats and about killing people and had talked of bombs and how easy it was to blow up a plane.

Sign of the times that travel in 2010 has changed greatly and security is at an all time high.

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