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Pinterest Gaining on Twitter, Facebook

Pinterest is gaining followers and is now ranked Number Three only behind the two mammoth social sites, Twitter and Facebook.

Pinterest Gaining on Twitter, Facebook

The newest social website that grew in only six months of launching and is gaining strong results says Digital Marketer.

Rankings for March, 2012 according to Digital Market experts are:

Facebook has 7 Billion visitors, based in the US

Twitter had 182 million visitors, based in the US

Pinterest has 104 million total visitors based in the US

For Pinterest to be growing this fast and out rank Google +, Linkedin, Tumblr and My Space is an amazing trend to watch the small company’s dramatic rise to compete with the big boys on the internet.

 Pinterest is Gaining- Why is it So Interesting?

The Pinboards are catching favor with internet users mainly because the public is tired of reading content rather than the visual appeal of messaging through images and it requires less time.

For corporate messaging logos, products and pictures can be used to capture the users attention as a new form of social media.

Pinterest is like a major scrapbook, a virtual pin board and very much appeals to women more than men. 

People pin a picture to their boards and others can vote to like the picture and also get to pin it on their boards as a compliment and a vote of shared interests.

Pinterest validates content based on images rather than text content. Text content is really still good, but not as quickly consumed by internet users and that is what makes Pinterest so appealing.

Pinterest is also of great interest to the political scene especially with a national election this year, and President Obama has a Pinterst account.  Mrs. Rommey also uses Pinterest to capture the lost women voters who have been bashed by new republican legislation for the last year.

Pinterest is gaining followers since it is using the part of the brain that appeals to visual people, who process content through visual images.

The first reaction a person has to content on a computer screen is a visual reaction, not a text and thought process reaction which comes secondary.

Depending on the appeal of the first visual response, the visitor then will decide if the interest is great enough for further reading about the image.  

Who is Using Pinterest?

Pinterest has a huge female audience, of all ages and is a fun site to exchange, share and bookmark photos of interests to the pinner and the pin watcher.

Branding with Pinterest

Pinterest is now used by major corporations especially those who are targeting a female audience, including food, recipes, books, art, music, household products, health, children and many more topics. This is exceptionally useful for mobile phone, tablets, ipads, iphones and presents a visual display of thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

Fun Stuff

This pin we found particularly hilarious pinned by Jane Wang 



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Major Opposition to SOPA PIPA

Major Opposition to SOPA PIPA 

Major internet corporations are opposed to SOPA PIPA legislation set to pass in a 11 days, on Jan. 24, 2011. The major companies are: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo, AOL, Zynga Game Network, Linkedin Corp, and Ebay. The letter they wrote to the politicians who designed the two bills is below.

Major Opposition to SOPA PIPA includes WordPress, who urged its 60 million users world wide to fight the bill and declare their opposition to censoring the internet, as well as Reddit and other major internet establishments.

The Letter was addressed to the major sponsors and co-authors of SOPA and PIPA who are:
Patrick Leahy
Chuck Grassley
Lamar Smit
John Conyers

Major Opposition to SOPA PIPA  A Letter to Congress:

” The undersigned Internet and technology companies write to express our concerns with legislative measures that have been introduced in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, S. 968 (The Protect IP Act”) and H.R. 3261 (the “Stop Online Piracy Act”).

“We support the bills’ stated goals– providing additional enforcement tools to combat foreign “rogue” websites that are dedicated to copyright infringement or counterfeiting”.

“Unfortunately, the bills as drafted would expose law-abiding U.S. internet and technology companies to new uncertain liabilities, private rights of action, and technology mandates that would require monitoring of websites.

We are concerned that these measures pose a serious risk to our industry’s continued track record of innovation and job-creation, as well as to our Nation’s cybersecurity. We cannot support these bills as written and ask that you consider more targeted ways to combat foreign rogue websites dedicated to copyright infringement and trademark counterfeiting, while preserving the innovation and dynamism that has made the internet such an important driver of economic growth and job creation”.

The letter continues to point out the bills would seriously “undermine” the DMCA which is the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998 which protects the internet companies who act in good faith to remove infringements to copyright already.

A comment from Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google ” the solutions are draconian” “there’s a bill that would require internet service providers to remove URL’s from the Web, which is also known as censorship last time I checked”. Major Opposition to SOPA PIPA is growing by the day as the reading of the bill draws near more opposition grows from the public.

The Job of Policing Hollywood Belongs to Hollywood not the Whole World Wide Web

The main problem with these two bills is that it punishes the whole industry with the task of policing the internet, which will be duplicated at many stages.

Those who are promoting the bills in Hollywood

The different factions of internet access from a search engine, a hosting company, a website all will be policing the web which duplicates the efforts and wastes man hours of employee time. This duplication of efforts is in itself a redundant, waste and in the midst of a long stagnant economy of 10 years will be a huge hit on the economy.  In terms of the work required to monitor millions of websites, it makes the bill a catastrophic loss of income both private and government taxpayers funds.

The bills would be censorship in its truest form, censorship of media, censorship of information, and censorship of a freedom as basic as human rights.  The measures would also hoard the internet for larger corporation media and drown out the smaller independent businesses and will present a lopsided society.

The Damage to the US Economy

The notice to lawmakers points out the pitfalls in their bill, plus the damage the bill would do to the economy, to jobs, to small business es and to freedom of the press. If you look at this bill carefully, it will hardly stop piracy, but places an enormous economic burden on an already damaged economy.

To add SOPA FIPA to the only area where the US excels would be a disaster that politicians who do not understand the internet cannot comprehend.

The bill was badly written, giving government authority to order internet providers, search engines to shut down sites on one complaint, leaving room for abuse, monopolies by larger corporations and the task of policing the internet to every business involved.

The bills will not stop piracy experts say, which is caused by offshore agents, that will find new methods to bypass the overbearing restrictive bills.

The main players here are Hollywood movie firms, the music industry and video outlets that claim their property is being stolen by offshore pirates and this is the only way to stop them which is not true.

The Hollywood money in Congress given to the politicians who are putting forward this bill is a system of corruption itself, a system that is long overdue for reform. The internet represents millions of small businesses which will  be put out of business, jobs will be lost and the economy will take a big hit again.

In addition, the bills would have US technology and jobs to move offshore to prevent the type of misplaced control of the internet.

Again, Congress displays its lack of intelligence and knowledge of how important the internet is to the future of America’s technological advances.

The recent declaration by Congress that pizza is a vegetable is proof enough.

Global Strike Planned 2011

Friday June 3, 2011  Global Strike Planned 2011

A global strike is planned by Anonymous and the announcement first appeared on the social networks Twitter and Facebook late last night.

Global Strike called for by Anonymous
Global Strike called for by Anonymous


The Global Strike calls for a series of disruptions in the North American version of the Arab Revolution that was spawned in January starting with Egypt’s revolt against Hosni Mubarark’s thirty years of dictatorship.  Many have died in Egypt who fought bravely against the former military leader who stole billions for his own personal gain while his country starved in a non-productive economy and high unemployment.  The revolution spread from Tunisia, to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lybia, Iraq and Iran.

Anonymous Calls for Global Strike on Twitter
Anonymous Calls for Global Strike on Twitter

While the G8 Leaders spoke of the Arab spring at their last summit in France they praised the Arab Spring activists for forming the movement that shook the world into a massive revolt.

The 8 wealthiest nations pledged 40 billion dollars in aid to the Arab spring countries to help them achieve their road to democracy.  The offer is vague in creating only 10 billion dollars and basically amounted to fancy photo op’s and speeches as most G8 Summits do.

The leaders of these countries including: USA, Canada, England, Germany, France and Italy may be surprised to know that even in their own countries they are not satisfying the needs of their own people.  High unemployment, high food prices, high taxes and the government’s corruption is at an all time high which makes each country and explosive powder keg, and breeding grounds  for a revolution.

The money stolen by each dictator is enough to make a US stimulus package look like a kid’s allowance.

Tunisia leader Zine El Abidine stole  billions and is 50 billion in debt. Hosni Mubarak is said to be worth 80 billion dollars and lived a life of luxury jets, prime properties in the UK, US and the world. His bank accounts in Switzerland now frozen contain billions of dollars of platinum purchases 10 months after the assassination of Anwar Sadat his predecessor.

In Egypt some of the funds stolen by Hosni Mubarak have been recovered and will be returned to the people of Egypt including billions in Wall Street bank accounts.

The money stolen by Qaddafi in Libya is now being diverted to the freedom fighters who are overthrowing his brutal dictatorship of 40 years and NATO is providing some fire power but still the struggles continue each day more Libyans are being murdered by their own countrymen.

General Strike Guidelines

First, according to the General Strike by Anonymous calls for:

1) Boycotts of national corporations from Coke, McDonalds, Monsanto to BP oil the call is for less consumption of corporate products, hit them in the pocket book so to speak.  Eliminate the need for gasoline and  lower consumption.

2) Strike -The first week of July 2011 is meant for taking vacations and not to purchase anything for at least one week.  The General Strike calls for people to collectively join in: a rent strike and not pay their rent. The video advises to prepare for your own food, store food, plant crops that while bear fruit in July,  as the boycott will cause shortages in food.

It all sounds quite far fetched but what if a strike were really to happen? The financial consequences would be enormous to corporations and since we are already in a recession it would deepen and lengthen the time for recovery.  However this is the goal to hurt corporations where it would do the most damage- their profits.

It will be interesting to see if the world ends in the first week of July and whether a global strike would change the balance of power from government to the people. After all is this not what Sarah Palin is running on – we the people.

New RockMelt Social Browser Launch

Nov. 9, 2010The new RockMelt Social media Browser launch prepares the internet for the next generational browser which integrates with Facebook accounts and presents the searcher with a new way to surf the web.  As if we don’t have enough browsers which are usually buggy including Internet Explorer or Safari we can now interface with chats in our browser with RockMelt.

Rockmelt Browser-The Next Generation of Facebook Browsers
Rockmelt Browser-The Next Generation of Facebook Browsers

One side of RockMelt shows your friends on Facebook and the other your favorite social sites. Users can keep tabs on their friends, chat or update their status.

Social Networking Browser Makes it Easier for Users to Communicate and Stay in Touch

You have to have a Facebook account to use RockMelt and in four words Rockmlet lets you share easily, search faster, connect with friends and keep up on the news.

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Facebook-Election Buddies?

Oct. 27, 2010 During the 2008 Presidential election Obama’s campaign optimized the internet and social media which has caught on by Republicans.  Even the staunch old McCain is using Twitter and Palin is on Facebook to speak to her grizzly mamas.  Can Face Book which is the largest of the social media web 2.0 sites actually determine an election?

Harry Reid posts on his Facebook account as does Governor Jan Brewer, Barack Obama and even Vice President Joe Biden has been utilizing the biggest social network this year. Last week Andrew Cuomo has a big boost in his followers and it was a record of 18,000 new followers in one week.

Those who do not use social media to interact with their voters risk the fact that more people use and communicate on Facebook than those who watch television news coverage.  The use of mobile phones has far more reach than just home based computers and with the new ipad, iphones, and technology today, voters can keep up with current information on the election next week.

Facebook and Politics

Facebook has more than 500 million users which is the size of a small country and a great amount of people to appeal to in an election. The average user has 130 friends, and people spent over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.  It will be interesting to see the effect social media has on this mid-term election and who used Facebook to their advantage.  For those candidates who do not speak to the main stream media, Facebook is an avenue to get a brand or message across without facing voters directly.

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Reference and Statistics:  Facebook

Tony Hayward’s Facebook Page

July 28, 2010 A while ago we noted that as Tony Hayward’s fame and fortunes rose as he became the BP brand and the face people most hated in America that he looked remarkably similar to Mr. Bean.  If some people had not known Mr. Bean from his famous comic movies – he is a bit of a dolt.

Tony Hayward and Mr Bean

Mr Bean/Tony Hayward’s physical similarities are remarkably and the intellectual attributes are not far from identical.  The blundering CEO made enough gaffs on national television and live interviews that the vile reactions became hyperbolic in nature.  The more Tony Hayward spoke, the lower the stock price of BP shares to the point that his negative image and persona was wasting profitability and recovery for the despised oil company.

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The growing anger forced BP to do something, although they support Tony Hayward as one of their finest CEO’s they are firing, or re-assigning him to Russia -which ever way they want to spin it.  His new assignment involves a project in Russia, which hopefully will not involve any “Cost Cutting Safety Measures”  or CCSM’s.

BP announced their new focus with lazer focus on a new image, and a new awareness but they do not claim to be focuses on safety in the near future.

We must have started a trend because a new Facebook Page and Facebook Profile has emerged on the fast growing social network -Facebook, and the similarities are astounding.

Tony Hayward’s Facebook Page

The New Tony Hayward Facebook Page

Facebook Plug BP Oil Leak with Sarah Palin

June 7, 2010 A new Facebook Group suggests that BP use Sarah Palin to plug their leak, and that would be 5,00o feet below the ocean’s surface.  The group is 100,000 strong on Facebook and many are joining every day and is called:  100,000 people who want to plug the BP Oil Spill with Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin on Facebook, 1 Million People want her to Plug the Oil Leak

Sarah Palin’s toxicity levels are reaching an all time high in good measure with the BP toxicity levels of oil and chemicals polluting the Gulf of Mexico.  Over 100,000 people have formed a group on Facebook to suggest that Sarah Palin would be the perfect plug for the oil leak in response to her suggestion that environmentalists are responsible for the oil leak.

Sarah Palin-The Show No One Wants to Be On-Fox News

Where were the environmentalist politicians who provided the breaks during the Bush years to allow for lax regulations, and where were the environmentalists in the MMS, or EPA?   It is clear that Sarah Palin’s jabs at keeping the earth clean do not even make sense nor are they believable.  Her job is to throw stones without thinking of the repercusions or how this affects the Tea Party-Republican-conservatives.

If any statement could be a motto for the Sarah Palin and the tea party followers,  it would be such an erroneous and mistaken view on the environment.  Sarah Palin believes environmentalists are against business or growing the economy which simply does not fly in the face of the enormous profits that green energy has in store.   It is evident that Sarah Palin has a great disdain for environmentalists, keeping ocean waters clean, providing jobs for 4 states, encouraging what was a florishing seafood industry and what was a healthy economy for millions of people.

The Facebook group have produced t-shirts, mugs and badges that read:

Don a swimsuit. Become a hero. Save the planet“.

Even some Republicans consider Sarah Palin to be a toxic overload like Mark Kirk who is running for the Senate and was noticeably absent during her appearance in Rosemount, Illinois. Palin also bans the press at her speaking engagements so they will not report that she is a dumb GOP nerd. Kirk chose to not be associated with Sarah Palin and the negativity of this woman’s speeches which was in the long run a wise choice.  On her new show advertisers have passed on the darling of the Tea Party’s Discovery mini-series.

Palin’s image is toxic and riddled with ties to BP Oil which symbolizes a negative and bad word for the next 20 years in the political world of the GOP.  People like the Sarah Palins of pro-oil, less government, no regulations have met their judgement day and haven’t a prayer in hell of getting support from voters.  As Americans learn the lessons of the Gulf oil spill and the loss of their livelihood, a deep cut in the recovery from a recession their feelings on big oil will be entrenched with hate and vote against any politician that receives money from or promotes off shore drilling.  The BP oil debacle has reached epic proportions of suffering and anger.

It was not less government that was lacking in the past,  it was not less regulation or less corrupt ties of the Bush family to big oil, in fact it was no regulatory policies that caused the BP Oil leak which was allowed to occur by big corporate elitists that have taken control of the US government.

The Sarah Palin toxicity level is spreading just as the oil is reaching Florida shores, Alabama, Mississippi and the loss of tourism to those states will match that which Louisiana is experiencing right now. The losses after all is said and done is into the billions perhaps 100 billion by the time this damage is calculated and assessed. Oil and coal are very costly -they cost jobs, they cause deaths and they wreak havoc on our environment.

But Sarah Palin thinks the environment is perfectly fine and it will be fine forever and ever,  which is partially her fantasy thinking at work. Sarah Palin never comes out and says “we must protect our environment”.  These tea party types of people take much for granted, and never fully understand the damages done by chasing ancient fossil fuels which isn’t part of the world’s future. You do hear Sarah Palin’s toxicity by her praising big oil, drilling in the ANWAR area of Alaska which is a protected wildlife santuary -one of the world’s remaining areas that are still untouched by human caused pollution. What will we have left or future generations have if all these areas are destroyed by greedy profiteering and by the wrong energy policies. Sarah Palin’s toxicity is deafening and cries out for stand that Americans must make here and now.

Regardless of Sarah Palin’s toxic mantras she still appears to be taking the money for book tours, TV shows, appearances making a fortune on fame by accident.

Toby Keith the famous country and western singer has has a belly full of Sarah Palin recently when Fox News snagged a an interview with him in 2009 and pawn it off as a Sarah Palin’ special exclusive interview.  Toby’s publicist was miffed to say the least and Fox’s response was ” we own it -we can do what we want with it”. Fox tried the same stunt with an old interview with LL and to say the least he was pissed and wanted out too. Here’s what Cool Jay had to say about it.

What this says about Fox News and Sarah Palin’s Show is that they are desperately seeking stars who will actually sit with Palin for a real interview or they will make it happen by misrepresenting previous interviews.

To say the very least Palin is accused of plagerizing a Memorial Day Message when she does not attribute the poem to the original author.  Just plain dumb.

Desperate times for Fox and for Sarah Palin.

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Celebrity News Update: Actually make that 1 Million People who want BP Oil to plug the leak with Sarah Palin, and growing.

Toxic Dumping in Alaska — Okay with Sarah Palin

The financial Wizardry of a dolt and a Toxic Mess

Sarah Palin-  Speaking of Toxins…ummm..

He is the man we need to Leave, speaking of John McCain
Subliminal messages from Sarah palin’s brain trust.

Sarah Palin’s credentials in charge of National Security?
Are you nuts?

Notice how she switches topics to Oil and gas developments that she pushes in every conversation she is an Oil Prostitute.

Sarah Palin in Charge of Nuclear Weapons and Iran-perish in that thought.

Palin even defies the US goverment declaration that Beluga whales are a dying breed quickly becoming extinct.  To any red blooded American -Palin is beginning to make our skin crawl.  See : Beluga Whales.  Facebook Sarah Palin wants her to take action and plug it herself as a oil promoter she should know now how to do it.  After all Sarah Palin knows everything about the oil industry or claims to know it’s good for the country.

It is well documented in Canada’s St. Lawrence Seaway that is partially salt water by scientists and environmentalists that the Beluga whale is a dying breed.  Scientists have put the cause to chemical pollution of the waters.  Now Sarah Palin is to be considered a scientist who is an expert in marine life, biology and oil.

Move Your Money.org -Now

Jan 9, 2010

Your Bank is Just not  Into You

A new wave has taken over on Twitter and Facebook called Move Your Money which is causing a surge in social media gone political and an example of taking control back from the banks on Wall Street.

Since the stimulus flowed billions into the banks and in return they took the money and purchased more banks, rather than loan it to small business people are fighting mad.

People are mad at credit card company’s and banks who are raising interest rates sky high and in once case as high as 75 percent interest.  Citizens are taping Youtube videos showing themselves closing their accounts in large banks.  More Americans are trading their banks in from Wall Street to Main Street and flooding community credit unions with massive deposits leaving Wall Street’s vaults bare.

Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington has led the charge that makes sense and people like April Schiller from Seattle Washington are removing their money from the major banks. People are turning in the Chase Bank Accounts for small town banks in their own towns and as April Schiller said she was even thrilled when they sent her a hand written Christmas card.  She also liked the fact that people knew her at her bank and the personal touches made a big difference in how she felt about banking.

The trust of large corporations and banks is gone in America and small grass roots campaigns are proving successful in turning the tides back to power in the hands of the consumer.

She stated to ABC News that the response has been tremendous and on the site you put in your zip code and they will find you a local community bank.

The banks are solvent and secure banks on this site. You can access at:  Move Your Money

Fight back, game on.

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