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Japan Radiation Penetrates USA

March 28, 2011  Japan Radiation Penetrates USA

Japan radiation was found yesterday in Massachusetts rainwater and has travelled at total of 6,498.181 miles. (See Google Map) This announcement comes after only 16 days after the earthquake and the cracks in the reactors caused by or before the earthquake of March 11, 2011.

Japan Radiation Spreads Across USA Air Space
Japan Contaminates USA RainWater in Massachusetts

If Japan continues to attempt to repair the reactors, rather than permanently seal them with cement forever the radiation will continue to spread throughout the world at a pace that is unprecedented in history.

Already Japan’s nuclear disaster is being rated as more of a danger than Chernobyl’s 1986 explosion.

The Public Health official in Massachusetts is quoted “the drinking water supply in Massachusetts is unaffected by this short-term, slight elevation in radiation”A very inaccurate statement designed to stop people from fearing the worst -when the worst has already happened.
John Auerbach is a government employee however not an expert in radioactive contamination and of course a notably bland statement such as this one is what is wrong with governments playing down the dangers of radiation in the atmosphere.

People do not subscribe to the response of ” you get more radiation in a CAT scan” and it doesn’t calm the public’s demand for less radiation in energy sources. This is especially true when medical companies that build CAT scan machines state their machines are harmless and emit very little radiation.

The scientists here are omitting the fact that the human body accumulates radiation and does not expel the material. If a person is exposed to radiation they have it for life and that is a fact that most governments are ignoring in Japan’s disastrous nuclear program.

For scientist who keep stating “not to worry” “not harmful” “it’s only trace amounts” and such inaccurate statements on the harmlessness of radioactive material coming from Japan, it does little to make the public less worried.

The monitoring of Japan’s belching nuclear material into the world atmosphere has reached the boiling point with other world countries. Those who have long protested against nuclear energy are vindicated and government policies towards building more nuclear plants have changed.

Questions that Need Answers About Japan’s Radiation Leaks

Many questions go unanswered and world countries are not getting the answers nor is there an international law which prohibits one country from continuously leaking deadly radiation into the world’s oceans and air.

Pollution laws from nuclear, oil, gas and energy sources which endanger the world’s environment must be enacted now, not in 2 months in another nuclear disaster. The US government seems to be reluctant to pass strict regulatory laws on the energy sector and this is a huge mistake.

How long does it go on? How long is Japan allowed to emit radioactive material until they are made to permanently seal the six reactors?

How much radiation is enough? When will scientists call it Japan’s catastrophe a “world catastrophe that it is ? When will people demand better safe energy today to avoid these problems in the future? What about Japan’s other 50 nuclear plants?
What condition are all of Japan’s nuclear reactors? Why is TEPCO not forthcoming on fudged reports on the cracks in the reactor before the earthquake?
Will further earthquakes like the 6.5 magnitude that hit yesterday March 27th damage the rest of their reactors? How old are all the reactors in Japan are they all 30 years old such as the Sendai reactors?

Lessons from Chernobyl are Ignored in 2011 for Energy corporation Profits

Japan has confused reports and so has TEPCO the power company that owns and operates the leaking reactors.

Scientists insist this radiation is not harmful but people that lived through Chernobyl know better and fully experienced that 1986 nuclear disaster. The damage is for a 100 years or more not just a few years and still today readings of radiation in Norway’s fish which is far away from Chernobyl are high. Norway’s testing shows the fish only live half as long as they used to before Chernobyl.

Back at the Sendai nuclear plant Number 2 highly radioactive water 100,000 times higher is leaking into the Pacific ocean. Whether TEPCO is leaking this radioactive water on purpose to get rid of it is unknown but highly likely.

The comparisons of TEPCO to British Petroleum are accurate in that, BP continued to mislead the US government as TEPCO is doing to the Japanese government.

Already the disaster to Japan’s economy of radiation is enormous in the financial losses to food, cars, electronics, farming, manufacturing and all sectors of their economy. The population that remains will be exposed to radiation in their food, water and the very air they breathe.

A sad event that slammed of one of the world’s third highest and prosperous economies, Japan losses are into the trillions and trillions of dollars and at least 100 years to a full recovery.

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Japan Fall Out Nuclear Disaster-What Next?

Mar. 13, 2011 Japan Nuclear Fallout Nuclear Disaster-What Next? If we learn anything fom history it is not to repeat it especially nuclear nighmares of which there have been too many.

The Japan earthquake has far reaching consequences for the future of nuclear power especially near fault lines of the earth.  Japan was always precariously located on a major fault line and the nuclear reactors were both old by 40 years and in need of modernization.  But why was that modernization not geared towards green forms of energy?  A question that will be asked for years to come.

Nuclear Fall out of Radiation Exposure

Chernobyl was the largest nuclear disaster that occurred on April 25, 1986 caused by a human error that was partially an experiment where power was dropped to 30 MW when 100 MW was necessary.

The reactor became unstable similar to what is happening in Japan and the inability for both reactors to cool failed.  The lid was blown off in Chernobyl by extremely high steam pressure and the fuel heated up enough to melt the graphite rods that emitted radioactive fuel into the atmosphere.

Back in 1986 those in the nuclear industry said this could not happen again but their calculations are incorrect and foolhardy.

Chernobyl Diaster of 1986-It could Never Happen Again?
Chernobyl Disaster of 1986-It could Never Happen Again?


In Japan the backup facilities were incapable of cooling down the nuclear time bomb as plant workers tried everything they could to cool down the core.  As temperature and pressure rose, officials tried but failed to avert disaster and a last ditch effort to use sea water to cool also failed. Now all nuclear reactors in the vicinity have or will meltdown compounding the problem to five times the initial meltdown.

The Japanese government on Friday march 11th played down the danger and did not communicate with the US who then wished to send in US experts to help reduce the possibility of a nuclear disaster but the Japanese authorities refused that help.

Apparently the Daiichi reactor began leaking radiation immediately after the 8.9 earthquake not days after as the Japanese authorities delayed the release of that information which could have been crucial. Then when the explosion occurred yesterday, they stated that only a small amount of radiation was escaping into the atmosphere but they began evacuation of the population around the plants.

Japan’s nuclear experts thought the plants could withstand earthquakes and were designed to work in a highly volatile sesmeic zone although the plants were perhaps old and needed upgrading. The fact that the cooling mechanisms relied on “electric power” which during an earthquake is at risk was also a miscalculation in judgment.

The steel reactor container which are supposed to be shatter proof -cracked. Again the Japanese government gave no details on what blew up yesterday and the news reports were that a roof came off not the steel container.

Another failure was the fact that the back up generators that supplied power to the cooling mechanism failed to work also, therefore there was no back up power which is a disaster waiting to happen in itself.

Radioactive Winds From Japan Head Westward-to North America
Radioactive Winds From Japan Head Westward-to North America


Joe Cirincion a Nuclear Policy expert says that this was a two punch problem in Japan first no power to the reactor, and second the water flooding the area and this exposed the core which emitted the radiation. The pumps relied on electric energy to cool down the reactors and all systems failed. Again human error in investing in either newer plants or green energy was a miscalculation on behalf of the Japanese government.

A country like Japan, so rich in wealth, so industrious in the exports of their products did not keep their eye on the ball of where they were located which is on a major fault line.

The mix of nuclear power plants near the vicinity of fault lines and areas known to be earthquake areas was also a miscalculation of the nuclear experts.  The plants were built 40 years ago which was approximately 1971 which was five years after Chernobyl and building nuclear plants in Japan may not ever be possible again.

The two plants were never prepared and five reactors were melting down within hours.  In US nuclear power plant history at Three Mile Island evacuations also forced people to leave the areas.

In Chernobyl the biggest collapse of the reactor spewed tons of radiation into the air, killing thousands and causing massive cancer deaths years later.  The Chernobyl radiation fall out still shows high readings of radiation within many miles radius from the reactor meltdown.

Since then, 30 years later the nuclear reactors have improved however if an earthquake occurred again especially in the fault lines there are no guarantees of another Japan or Chernobyl.

The Japanese government although trying to downplay the seriousness of their problems did not fool many experts as they saw smoke rising from the reactor Number 1.

The major concern now is how this will effect nuclear power of the future and upgrading the plants is a must for all countries.  In this case if the reactor did not rely on electric power but possible back up generators this may have been avoided.

Today there are 55 nuclear reactors in Japan and it is unknown what condition the other 50 are in after the earthquake.  Building so many nuclear facilities on such a small island on top of a major fault, questions the reasoning behind Japan’s nuclear power programs for their future existence.

The reports that only limited areas around Japan are at risk for radiation exposure is simply not true, the prevailing winds from west to east indicates the radiation will be wind borne and heading to North America. To what extent is unknown but surely scientists know that the air, the atmosphere travels great distances by winds which carry pollution and radioactive materials.

After Japan’s Nuclear Fall out-What’s Next?

The world governments must ensure the safety of their current facilities, modernize, create fail proof back up systems to coolants for reactors as a first step.

Secondly the amount of investment into nuclear power must be matched by investment into safer green energy sources to rely less on nuclear dirty power.

Third, the really ancient energy sources of oil, gas and coal are far less desired due to scarcity, OPEC and a limited supply which is precariously at risk from any outside influences.

Fourth, the sustainability of nuclear power in areas of fault lines must be banned, there is no other way to ensure safety during earthquakes, disasters such as hurricanes and these natural disasters are increasing in their intensity.

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Notes from the Editor:

The death toll is greatly underplayed from Japanese news sources which claimed only 900 people were dead, when a village alone was wiped out by the Tsunami where 9,500 people lived that have disappeared.  The death toll of the earthquake and tsunami alone will be in the tens of thousands not under 1,000 people.

It is mandatory for countries to tell the truth and not hide information regarding their disaster to ease their own conscious and to be truthful in all matters concerning danger to other countries. The Japanese government failed to do both in this instance which leads to less credibility in the authorities and officials running that country. If a government cannot be relied upon to tell the truth it is in danger of being less believed in better times.

We pray for all victims of the Japan earthquake, even though the government is ignoring their numbers.

Pete Neisman,


BP’s Oil Scam

June 13, 2010 BP’s Oil scam are their perpetual oil spills which keep repeating themselves as if we are spilling more now than we consume and far more than we could not otherwise do without. Oil is an ancient, dirty, messy and fruitless fuel that does more harm from being extracted to the final result after consumption into the air we breathe. BP believes it can continue spilling, exploding rigs and seem to be quite adapted at escaping punishment or a real deterrent to their scams.

Sign Says " I can't Believe we still have to Protest this crap"/ BP OIl Sign

As BP becomes increasingly careless, additionally greedy and more consuming of the black devil oil we are consumed by its menacing dangers to our very lives. We have now lost a food source, a life giver and the wildlife we have killed off will never be the same again. The animal habitats, the shrimp, the oysters and delicacies the Gulf gave up for us to enjoy-will it ever be the same as it was in the past?  Will Oil destroy this earth?

BP’s Oil Spill scam is not only a wake up call it is a stab to the heart of what priorities we place on what we value and this becomes the paradox. Oil is certainly necessary to provide fuel for vehicles which make life convenient and allows us to travel quickly from place to place. Oil heats our home, runs machines but are we the victims of the importance the industry keeps drilling to us which is more like a coke dealer telling a junkie you need this and you can’t do without a hit.

BP Oil Protest Signs-As Anger Mounts in the Gulf States

But is there a better, cleaner way to transport ourselves into the future and will we ultimately have to pay the very high price of destroying what is valuable to obtain what we should have investigated long ago. Or will we continue along a path which will led us to our own demise, making the same mistakes over and over until we are no longer able to sustain our lives. Will BP’s scam continue to force us to keep buying SUV’s and vehicles that run on oil and gas.

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Drilling for Natural Gas

June 8, 2010 How is Drilling for Gas any better than drilling for oil? See what happens when corporations drill for oil and governments allow unsafe high risk ventures.

The environmental impact that drilling for natural gas and fracturing shown in this video is proof of the damage to the earth that seeking natural gas has caused. This blasting at the earth’s crust as mankind continues to seek a fossil ancient fuel source is in itself going to lead to more environmental damage which affects everyone on earth.

The US has always thought of itself as a leader and here again it does not fail-the US is a leader in pollution through dirty energy sources, coal mine emmissons, oil spills in five major states over the past 80 years billions of oil have been spilled in the world’s oceans. Drilling for natural gas is no better than drilling for oil.

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George Bush exempts Gas Companies from Environment Laws

In 2005 Congress under George W. Bush passed a law exempting gas companies from environmental regulations, thanks to George Bush not only gas companies but oil companies enjoyed the de-regulation that has contaminated the water supply.  

The wake up calls have long since passed and it will not be until the total destruction of the planet before these governments, who are controlled by gas and oil interests -stop the dirty energy sources and embrace cleaner resources.  The USA is falling behind China and India who are years ahead of the technology and innovation of green energy which is the only way to reverse the damage to the planet from oil, coal and gas.

The mixture of oil and politics should be like oil and water however this is not the case. Big oil has bought their way out of regulations, has paid for the campaigns of their politicians who are a dime a dozen.  We call them “Oil Whores”.  These politicians put their own campaign funds first, Americans come second or third.  All politicans want is big dollars to finance their re-election and this is why emcumbants are going to be on the chopping block this fall. 

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Robert Redford on BP Oil Spill

June 4, 2010 Robert Redford comments on the BP Oil spill with solutions for energy of the future, and big oil corruption and collusion with the US government agencies that are supposed to protect the environment.

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Redford on BP Oil Spill -Wake Up Call for America