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Elena Kagan Supreme Court Judge Pick

May 9, 2010  President Obama has made his pick for Supreme Court Judge and it is US Solicitor General Elena Kagan to replace John Paul Stevens who announced he will  be retiring  in April.

This provides a better gender balance on the court which was and still is predominately male for decades and the merits of a balanced court results in better judgments.  This appointment is appropriate for the times where matters before this court have been slanted against the individuals namely women and children in poverty.

In addition adding another woman to the court will assure the role of women is enhanced in American governance and the justice system.  Her youth, experience, and her intellect served her well as her service as the Solicitor General of the United States and the Dean of Harvard Law School.

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Elena Kagen Former Solicitor General -Picked for Supeme Court Judge by Obama


This brings some much needed balance in judgment to the SCOTUS.