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Sarah Palin Locked Up and Loaded

The Republicans will have us believe that Sarah needs tutorials on the economy, the war, foreign policy, immigration law, fiscal policy, oil price effects on the economy and all will be learned prior to Read more [...]

McCain Vetting Palin in Public

Updated March 3, 2010 John McCain Vetting-Sarah-Palin's-Ass The term " vetting" your Vice Presidential candidate takes on new meaning when you see this video of John McCain checking out the other Read more [...]

Sarah Palin’s Pork 197 Million for Wasilla

Palin's Pork Barrel Fest in Wasilla More Pork Barrel Babies on the way in Wasilla Alaska although Sarah Palin denies taking a liking to pork.   The news is coming out furiously on John McCain’s Vice Read more [...]