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The Drugs You Need

A great video about the drugs you really don’t need but thanks to the billions of dollars over the past 20 yeaers of drug manufacturers you are totally convinced you need them. Right?

Time to change that false sense that a pill will cure your ailments -when there are so many ways to check into alternatives. The most recent example is the Swine Flu H1N1 vaccine – you be the judge of what you need not your government.

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H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

The Mothers Act-The Drugging of America

Feb. 26, 2011 Updated: United for Life removed our link to their site and must rethink their drive to put pregnant mothers on drugs. See: Tina Turbin’s write up on United for Life and the Mothers Act.

The newest drug company thrust on drugging American is to initial legislation to force women to take psychological drugs during pregnancy.  This act is called “ The Mothers Act” and is highly dangerous for pregnant mothers.

The act is before Congress and has already passed by the House with only 3 votes against it and the basis of this act is to :

1) Start an educational program -* another word for brainwashing to encourage women to take anti-depressant drugs and psychedelic type drugs to expectant mothers before, during and after birth or those who have given birth already.  This is supposed to cure post partum depression but these drugs have dangerous consequences.

There is a petition you can sign to stop the Drugging of Americans especially when drug company’s now actively control politicians and are spending your tax dollars to convince mothers to take drugs that will harm their babies.  If it is not the Swine Vaccine it is now an active campaign to bring in a generation of defective or damaged babies.

Organizations that are trying to Stop the Mothers Act are:

ICFDA: International Coalition For Drug Awareness; The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights; ICSPP: International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology; NARPA: National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy; AHRP: The Alliance for Human Research Protection; COPES: Coalition Of Parents Enduring Suicide; The Elizabeth Torlakson Foundation; CHAADA: Children and Adults Against Drugging America; MADNAP: Mothers Against Drugging the Nursing And Pregnant; Consumer Wellness Center; Parents for a Label and Drug Free Education; Texans for a Safe Education; Whitaker Health Freedom Foundation; WoodyMatters; www.wildestcolts.com Supporters; www.adhdfraud.com Supporters; AbleChild; Green Body and Mind; LifeDynamics; Global Suckling Initiative; babywhys.org Supporters; The Wellness Institute.

1) The MOTHERS Act will assuredly increase prescriptions for antidepressants for both postpartum and pregnant mothers. Based on the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Events Reporting System data, over the past four years the estimated number of antidepressant-caused infant deaths and injuries was as follows:

* 4,360 babies born with serious or life-threatening birth defects
* 4,160 babies born with potentially fatal heart defects or heart disease
* 2,900 spontaneous abortions
* 3,000 premature births

2) New Jersey’s 2006 Postpartum Depression law requires medical providers to screen women for mental disorders. Under the impetus of this new law, some New Jersey women were forcibly taken to hospitals in police cars from their homes or doctor’s offices for simply mentioning depressed feelings or calling the state’s PPD hotline (See full text of the Star-Ledger article at http://www.netpowwow.com/unite011109/ppdcriminals.htm

3) The namesake of the bill is Melanie Blocker Stokes, a mother who jumped to her death from the 12th story of a Chicago hotel at 3 ? months postpartum, following months of treatment including four hospitalizations, at least four different drug cocktails, and electroshock therapy. Only after she was treated with drugs documented by the FDA to cause suicidal ideation did she jump out of that window.

4) Numerous victims have spoken out against this bill, including many who currently have pending lawsuits against drug companies for deaths and birth defects. In addition, there are literally thousands of antidepressant birth defects and suicide lawsuits pending. States are suing drug manufacturers for illegal marketing of psychotropic drugs, and the State of Alaska is being sued for drugging children in state care. If the Federal Government sponsors another drugging program, it is simply asking for lawsuits to be filed, as more mothers are injured and more babies killed.

What could possibly justify the risks that The MOTHERS Act poses to unborn babies and their mothers? Please speak out and ask the 111th Congress not to be the group to pass this bill to increase infant deaths via fatal birth defects and unwanted, drug-induced spontaneous abortions. Considering the many lives of helpless unborn babies at stake, we must all UNITE to kill this legislation.


Psychological Drugs have serious side Effects Such As:

Birth defects, miscarriages, birth deaths, suicide, cancer, and many other side effects that can prove deadly to both the mother and her baby.

What on earth is happening to our government and the ties of corruption to drug company’s to allow such deadly laws to be passed under your very nose.

To sign the Petition go to the link above and get active fast to stop this drug ownership of your own government and their control over your life. Those who oppose this legislation are asked to get in touch with the United for Life organization and sign the petition, call your congressman/woman and state government.

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This is what happens to pregnant mothers on psych drugs: do you want this to be the norm and have your tax payers dollars spent on brainwashing mothers into taking dangerous drugs with side effects?