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If You Don’t Already Have Enough Drama in Your Life TNT

A Little Town in Belgium with a Big Message:

If you don’t already have enough drama in your life:

Press the Red button.

If You Don't Already Have Enough Drama in Your Life TNT


Courtesy of TNT- We Know Drama

If You Don’t Already Have Enough Drama in Your Life TNT -this video has received 30 million views on YouTube as of April 30, 2012

TNT used this video to launch a high quality TV Channel -TNT in Belgium with a big red button in a Flemish square. A passer by on a bike pushes the button and then all heck broke out. A great way to launch attention in ad media and a dramatic surprise.

Most people however, have enough drama in their life, these days.

Debrianna on Cyphers

Debrianna on Cyphers
The new character drama Cyphers combines drama and real time issues of corporate treachery, world domination of resources and unexplained phenomenon that affects the characters in several ways.

Debrianna Mansini is the creator of Cyphers and the co-writer, starring in the eco sci-fi web series of five characters including two sisters one of whom is Helen Sawyer.

Debrianna on Cyphers

Debrianna on Cyphers

Helen is in a corporate environment for many years and is sick of hitting the glass ceiling and she is at a point in her life where she doesn’t want to pretend that she doesn’t see anything anymore or doesn’t have a voice.

The name of the series, Cyphers is appropriate since it also carries one of the themes of the main character Helen Sawyer. Cypher means a non-entity of a person or thing with no value or importance. Cyphers is the mathematical symbol denoting the absence of quantity also.

The storyline contains a theme that most people can relate to these days and that is the force that is driving many to the edge of desperation, by unpredicted and never foreseen sources. It is a moment where she comes into herself, where she recognizes her power and where she realizes her own strengths.  This issue happens for a lot of women, where they get stifled by either a company, life or a relationship and then truly realize what they are made of and how strongly they can fight.
A lot of women look at themselves and say “I’m not doing that anymore”, not wishing to repeat the same old mistakes in their lives. The series does make a case for how women have to cope with today having a “male mind” at work and a feminine mind at home having to play both roles to cope with this world.

The characters experience a shakeup of their normal circumstances and eventually must face the flaws in their relationships, the world and within themselves

Where this dramatic series comes into a modern theme is about the environment, food, resources and what is happening to the universal consciousness. Every aspect of life has changed drastically recently from political changes, environment and the role of women especially concerning their own rights.


Debrianna talks about Cyphers from David Forlano on Vimeo.

The Pilot Episode of Cyphers opens with “man created corporations in the glory of himself” a fitting theme for today’s world of corporate power over people’s lives.

Appropriately the greed over food and water, tainted sources and dwindling supplies in a growing world population and the question is the scarcity due to corporate influences of profit rather than actual scarcity.

A corporation knowing “the key to unlimited power is dominion over food and water” in a sinister world.

Debrianna Mansini as Helen Sawyer

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