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Dems Edge Close to 216 Votes

03/20/2010 The Democrats are within reach of their 216 votes needed to pass the major health care bill which has been a trial for passage through both houses.  The 3 democrats who are still on the fence are :  Bill Owens of New York, Baron Hill of Indiana and Mitchell of Arizona.  There are still 21 democrats still undecided and there is no change on all Republicans trying to block the bill.

Health Care Reform Bill -Democrats Vote

President Obama has been putting the arm twisting to use on those who refuse to support the bill and most of those opposing seem to think abortions are paid for by the government under the new legislation which is not true.  This is the tactic that has raised false information mostly spread by Republicans.  The fact that abortions are a female issue this represents a backward and religious political agenda not a major issue with most Americans.  When you consider over 50 percent of the US population consists of women this denies women the right to their own bodies and decisions which affect their lives.  The fact that also men consist of the majority in government it becomes gender biased and control.

The health care bill is not about abortions it is about health coverage and not allowing insurance company’s to deny basic health care and life saving medical attention.  It is a disgrace to the world that some Americans consider themselves elitists and those are the rich in society.  The provisions of the health care bill do not allow financing abortions and most people do not give a damn.  Politicians who use this as an excuse are far from being analytical and are basing their decisions on political pressure from the right.

There are many aspects of the bill that need adjustments but the main thrust of health care reform is to take back the individual’s right to health and the right to life saving care. More news to follow.

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