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Al Franken wins Again and Again and Again

When will the State of Minnesota join the rest of the Union with an elected representative in the Senate?  Seems like the Republican Candidate Norm Coleman just can't let go of the fact that he lost it. So Read more [...]

Republicans Grovel at the Feet of Rush Limbaugh

Rock Star Rush Limbaugh has Republicans groveling at his feet as the new male counter part of Sarah Palin, a delightful surprise for democrats everywhere. Even Michael Steele has gone back to picking cotton...contd. Read more [...]

Democrats Will Physically Bar Burris in Senate Seat Fight

Sounds like the fists will be coming out and this could get ugly with Roland Burris determined to take the Senate seat if he shows up on the Hill to occupy Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat for the State Read more [...]

Roland Burris to fill Obama’s Senate Seat

Roland Burris To fill Obama's Senate Seat Unconfirmed sources indicate that Governor Blagojevich will announce his choice for Barack Obama old senate seat and it will be former Attorney General Roland Read more [...]

Palin the Socialist Redistributor of Oil Profits!

What exactly is Sarah Palin trying to sell us now, is that Barack Obama is a socialist but it is she who has been quoted as saying: "And Alaska - we're set up, unlike other states in the union, where Read more [...]

John McCain-Temporarily Not Your Presidential Candidate

Sept. 25 2008  John McCain Temporarily not your Presidential Candidate John McCain was to appear on the Letterman show yesterday and he called up and said he is cancelling his appearance because Read more [...]