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Game Changer Book

Jan. 10, 2010

Dick Cheney thought that John McCain made a big mistake choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate although McCain was trying to capitalize on the fact that the Democrats rejected a woman as President of the United States.

The Book Game Changer has displayed the paranoia of campaign management during the 2009 campaign for President and has led to politicians in the book running for cover.  From Elizabeth Edwards to Hillary Clinton the remarks about these women seem especially disturbing in light of the pressures of the campaign.  From Steven Schmidt stating that Sarah Palin knew nothing about foreign policy and the hiring of tutors for her to Dick Cheney statement that Palin was a terrible choice this revealing tell all book has exploited the human frailites of politics in a very harsh and revealing light.  All in all the political analysis makes this book a good historical review of the most exciting political campaign in history.

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Al Franken wins Again and Again and Again

When will the State of Minnesota join the rest of the Union with an elected representative in the Senate?  Seems like the Republican Candidate Norm Coleman just can’t let go of the fact that he lost it.

So Norm…get a life.  The country needs better politicians than this cry baby that just won’t go away and he is doing the people of Minnisota a great dis-service by remaining and contesting the election results over and over and over again.

Norm….you can do this again later but let the rest of us have a break from you!!  Minnesota did not elect you – go home – hang up your hatred for Al Franken and just leave the scene.  Any further legal challenges to the election as Coleman threatens to take this to the Supreme Court is futile and will blow up in your face.  Al Franken won the election in November 2008, Al Franken won the recount, Al Franken is the Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken wins the court challenge, when is Norm going to get it?

Is Norm Coleman in a state of mental denial? The court ruled Norm and you didn’t win it but I guess following the law has never been a Republican strong suit.

Al Franken and Norm Coleman -Franken Wins Again and Again
Al Franken and Norm Coleman -Franken Wins Again and Again

Who would want such a sore loser as a Senator when the majority did not vote for him?  No one likes a sore loser and Coleman is one big loser.  If you have to challenge a final vote counting in the courts you never gain the respect of those who voted against you, not in a million years.

The Surveys prove this out 34 percent of Minnesotans support his legal challenge while 47 percent oppose this nonsense as concluded by the findings of Research 2000.   Another sample by Survey USA found that

The Daily Kos reports:

So why do Minnesotans want to move on? Probably because by an overwhelming margin they think the recount process was fair:

Which statement best reflects your point of view? The recount process has been…
…fair to both Norm Coleman and Al Franken: 63%
…mostly unfair to Norm Coleman: 17%
…mostly unfair to Al Franken: 12%
(Questions rotated)

Another sample from the Survey:

So what’s the bottom line? Minnesota voters are growing increasingly tired of Norm Coleman:

Norm Coleman favorable rating

The writing is on the wall Norm, go home – get a life and let the winner of the election get on with his job.

This is getting ridiculously stupid. Governor Pawlenty is another guy who should be doing his job -the job he was elected to do and that is to certify Al Franken as the Senator from Minnesota and no one should be swearing about it.  The RNC has been collecting money and donations for this legal challenge and so far it has not produced anything but the anger of the voters.  The RNC needs a major overhaul and re-think their policies on losing elections namely they have to face the loss first before they can rebuild the party which clings to power by a mere thread.

Norm Coleman lost the election. Get over it.

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Survey Says:  courtesy of Daily Kos.

Questions Dog Health-Care Overhaul in Washington

As President Obama is overhauling the health-care agreements in Washington
further policies must be underway for health care coverage whether it is private or public healthcare.  Last week Obama nominated Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius for Secretary of Health and Nancy-Ann DeParle from the Clinton administration both have expertise in health care issues goes a long way to launching

Although some large corporations include health care insurance for their employees, how will these plans change with new health care requirements for individuals and business.

Most people and Democrats want insurance coverage even for people who have an illness but insurance companies won’t accept sick individuals if they cannot insure the newer and younger healthier individuals. The basic fact remains that 45 million people are without any healthcare coverage which must be changed and is a goal of the new Obama administration. Republicans have always opposed such policies and leaving those who are not covered to find their own insurance. Insurance subsidies could be made available for lower income individuals but there are many unanswered questions and complications to provide healthcare insurance for these individuals. Businesses that offer insurance to their employees would qualify for a tax credit.

Still the model for complete health insurance coverage for each person could evolve around a plan in which there are 3 parties, the government, the business and the individual who would all pay 1/3 of the coverage costs.

In this manner there is financial input by each sector and coverage for all would be very possible.

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Republicans Grovel at the Feet of Rush Limbaugh

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OrDo0K3VFc[/youtube]At a time of such a depressed economy, economic turmoil, job losses and foreclosures the last person people want to hear from is an overweight, millionaire Republican with cleavage in the form of Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh seems to be rallying the base of conservative republicans but is he succeeding in relative cohesion with the other republican groups?  Where was Limbaugh when the Bush administration added to the massive deficit by spending 12 billion per month on a war in a foreign country.  Where was Limbaugh when Bush allowed the deregulation of Wall Street to continue until it has grinded the financial health of the US into the ground? What is wrong with a country like France speaking of foreigners and what was so “right” about invading Iraq the wrong country?  Does Limbaugh get that Americans are paying for healthcare in Iraq for every citizen but he campaigns against healthcare in the US his own country as a socialist policy?

Rush Limbaugh Rock Star of the New Republican Party
Rush Limbaugh Rock Star of the New Republican Party

Limbaugh wearing a Darth Vader black shirt opened to his chest, with no tie did not hold back in his scathing attack on President Obama, seemingly compared to the feeble Bobbie Jindal he appears to be the Republican male Sarah Palin rock star.  This new Limbaugh brand is the new face of the Republican Party falls in line with the Sarah Palin attacks during the Presidential election campaign.

Even the top head of the Republican National Committee Governor Michael Steele has apologized for his statements contradicting Rush Limbaugh’s speech at CPAC. The Republican Party is groveling at the feet of the mighty Rush Limbaugh’s rock star statements and all their critical comments are being retracted. This would include Limbaugh’s racist CD of “Barack the Magic Negro” which was released in December 2008.  Even though Steele is the first African American to hold his position, he is just a figure head and the conservative principals have not changed one bit in the Republican base.

Republicans in the form of Rush Limbaugh are once again using guerrilla tactics of the campaign and present nothing more than a gift for the democrats in their attacks on President Obama. Again the lame delivery after President Obama speech,  by Bobbie Jindal which flopped in his complete ignorance of the economic struggles in his own state of Louisiana.

Rahm Emanuel the Whitehouse chief of Staff did not skip a beat in painting Limbaugh as the new Head and spokesperson for the Republican Party. Emanuel noted that the RNC gave Limbaugh the keynote speaker at the CPAC convention which says much about the Republican intellect now in the post election massive losses of the party.

Michael Steele apologized as well as Phil Gingrey of Georgia who attacked Limbaugh in January and everyone is now happily groveling at the feet of Rush Rock Star Limbaugh.

But the worst part is Michael Steele’s groveling because he is groveling at the foot of a white, racist fat millionaire with cleavage.  This has reduced Michael Steele’s persona as going from being the African American Rock Star of the Republican Party to being just another dolt Republican who grovels at the feet of Rush Limbaugh. Steele is going along with the racial divide of this morbid infrastructure of the new Rock Star Republican answer to Sarah Palin.  This sport of watching Republican groveling has become a national pass time.

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Democrats Will Physically Bar Burris in Senate Seat Fight

Sounds like the fists will be coming out and this could get ugly with Roland Burris determined to take the Senate seat if he shows up on the Hill to occupy Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat for the State of Illinois.

Plans are underway to bar Mr. Burris physically should he attempt to enter the Senate floor in a smack down of Governor Rod Blagojevich’s choice for a replacement of Obama. Negotiations are underway to avoid this conflict however before Tuesday for the opening of the first day of Congress.

Blagojevich has been charged with using the senate seat in a politics scam to raise money for his campaign and Roland Burris is said to have contributed over $ 10,000.00 to Blagojevich’s campaign in the past.

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Roland Burris to fill Obama’s Senate Seat

Roland Burris To fill Obama’s Senate Seat Unconfirmed sources indicate that Governor Blagojevich will announce his choice for Barack Obama old senate seat and it will be former Attorney General Roland W. Burris who served as Comptroller of the state of Illinois from 1979 for twelve years.

Burris who was raised in Illinois attended Southern Illinois University and obtained his law degree in 1963. He became the first African American to be a Bank Examiner for the Office of the Comptroller and his background is financial, tax, and accounting which should serve him well as an Illinois senator.

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Roland Burris to fill Obama's Senate SeatBlago and Burris-take over Obama’s old Senate Seat

Waxman’s Memo To Wall Street

The House Oversight Committee Chair Henry Waxman’s response to the criminal robbery taking place on Wall Street was to send them a memo -a rather weak memo at that.

Henry Waxman - Democrat Wrap on the Hnad to Wall Street

From the Wall Street Journal:

Lawmakers cited thousands of documents collected by the committee that Waxman said “show that the companies made irresponsible investments” that destabilized the firms and forced the government to put the companies in conservatorship in September.

Specifically, the panel released a June 2005 presentation made by former Fannie CEO Daniel Mudd that suggested the firm should move away from the traditional mortgage market in order to take advantage of the growing subprime and non-prime loan businesses.

“If we do not seriously invest in these ‘underground’ type efforts and the market changes prove to be secular, we risk: becoming a niche player; becoming less of a market leader; becoming less relevant to the secondary market,” the presentation slides say.

Fannie, the slides continue could “meet the market where the market is ” by accepting higher risk and more volatile earnings.”

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Republicans Slinging Mud at Obama After Election

Jill Stanek a Staunch Republican calls Obama a Barbarian.

Although the election is well over and Barack Obama is picking his new cabinet for his administration of government some people are still slinging mud and accusations.
Jill Stanek is an Illinois nurse who claims a rash of abortions of live births occurred at a Chicago hospital and is calling Obama a “barbarian”. Stanek charges that Obama supports live birth abortions which is not entirely true. She made statements to the World Net Daily audience that we “elected a barbarian as president”.
Firstly I doubt whether Jill Stanek voted for Barack Obama and secondly over 60 million people who voted on November 4th do not believe he is a barbarian either.
Several pro-choice ballot initiatives such as SB-1082 also passed on election day and Stanek is expressing her dislike of the results.
Stanek supported a bill in which the language protected infants that were born alive that Obama voted against because the items were already covered in Illinois state law.
Rick Winkel the Illinois Republican who is responsible for introducing the bill in the Senate, even disagrees that those who voted against it want to kill live babies.
It appears Stanek is a Christian woman who is not ready to accept the decision of 60 million voters who’s decision put Barack The Barbarian into office.
Stanek plans to call on other Christian churches to fight abortions rather than teaching abstinence and birth control which is also a responsibility of the individual.
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Palin the Socialist Redistributor of Oil Profits!

What exactly is Sarah Palin trying to sell us now, is that Barack Obama is a socialist but it is she who has been quoted as saying:

“And Alaska – we’re set up, unlike other states in the union, where it’s collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs.”

Not proper English but you get the drift that the socialism involved in giving Alaskans taxed profits of the oil companies some how is not socialism, but Obama who wants to tax those above $ 250k a year is a socialist.
Two months ago, Sarah Palin speaking to a reporter that “share the wealth” is part of her mantle in governing her state that she describes as “socialist state”.

Quote”Alaska is sometimes described as America’s socialist state, because of its collective ownership of resources?” Socialism is good for Palin and Alaska, but when it comes to election double speak it seems totally acceptable to Palin. Although, some call that lying and fraudulent campaigning.

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, speaking near St. Louis:

“This campaign in the next couple of weeks is about one thing It’s a referendum on socialism.”
Arizona Sen. John McCain, who is apparently still running for President, at Dayton Ohio yesterday:

“Barack the Redistributor.” Then he realized that sounded like an auto part, so, John McCain at Pottsville, Pennsylvania, later yesterday: “Senator Obama is running to be Redistributionist in Chief.”

No, no, go back to the first one.

Source: MSNBC Keith Olbermann.

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Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama

Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama  
Even though the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President has brought much publicity to Alaska to the Republican nominee, it is clear that the Anchorage Daily News is endorsing Barack Obama for President of the United States.
Today in an article the Anchorage Daily News “in their sober view” stated that John McCain is the wrong choice for President and Sarah Palin is also not ready to take on the massive problems with two wars, the economy, mortgage meltdown, Wall Street let alone Russia and Iran.
Photo: Sarah Palin Courtesy of the Painter of Pancakes- Dan Lacey
The ADN goes on to say that Sarah Palin has made a national name for herself and that she was so successful, creating passion and charisma where ever she landed. Little do they know that she is a self-promoter, and is in it for the money.  The fact that she was a short lived Governor of a small state, it is likely that politicians and political pundits will take her not so seriously in the future.
We have to strongly disagree with the Anchorage Daily News since Sarah Palin did much to alienate women voters, and her biased Christian Evangelical and Independence Party rants made her a target for GOP mockery and the public.
You only get one crack at these positions in the world of politics if you have failed before you will most likely fail again.
The GOP did not vet Sarah Palin and she carries far too much baggage such as: Trooper Gate, pregnant teenage daughter, Todd Palin’s ties to big oil companies and then there is the 327 days she deceptively bilked taxpayers for when she was sleeping in her own house. A user and a loser.
These major flaws will not be forgotten and her deception during the campaign, the lies she repeated on Bill Ayers and accusations that Barack Obama is a terrorist – does not make for a good political future.
It will be dependant on how badly McCain and Palin are beaten in the election and which states the GOP lose to the Democrats who are predicted to win big in the November 4 election.
But basically she doesn’t have a prayer in resurrecting her aggressive and ambitious hopes for the Presidency in 2012.
She will be out of the limelight for four years and Obama is assured to use all his capacity to fix the disasters of the Bush legacy, which will make Democrats even more appealing in 2012 to the voting public.
Yet as Sarah Palin returns to the Alaska countryside and shoots her wolves from helicopters, dresses a moose after the kill, and fires off missiles to Russia from her front yard – the wacky, sex pot, red neck from Wasilla will have to be content to resume her wacky lifestyle in the barren cold snow of the great white north.

Updated: Sarah Palin just signed a book deal worth 7 million dollars, and has no plans to return to politics. But this could just be a cover up story and she really will make a stab at 2012, if she is not to busy shopping at Neiman Marcus.. by then.


John McCain-Temporarily Not Your Presidential Candidate

Sept. 25 2008  John McCain Temporarily not your Presidential Candidate

John McCain was to appear on the Letterman show yesterday and he called up and said he is cancelling his appearance because of the dire economic crisis and the economy is about the crater. John McCain was said to be “racing back to Washington”.

David Letterman was livid as he yelled out you “just don’t suspend your campaign?”.
If you are John McCain today, you are temporarily not available as the republican candidate for President.
Yesterday John McCain blew off Letterman’s show, and sent out a statement that he was “suspending his campaign” for President and returning to Washington .
McCain was later showed getting make up for an interview with CBS, and a meeting with Lynn Rothschild a recent party campaign donor. McCain still had time for these meetings but blew off the Letterman Show for which he paid a dear price. Letterman even things something is fishy, something does not smell right.

McCain’s camp said this was because of the dire emergency facing our nation and that he had to go vote. Where has he been for the last 8 years, and as far as voting he has been missing in action for the last year.

If you are John McCain today you are in deep concern that your Vice President Sarah Palin blundered her way through an interview with Katie Couric and many are calling her “dim witted”. Palin’s blunder was she could not name one thing that John McCain has done to help the economy.

If you are John McCain you are concerned that you are down in the polls and sinking fast as your opponent appears stronger on the economy that you. It appears that multi-tasking is not John‘s strong suit unless it benefits him personally. Multi-tasking and its done all the time, are when many converging priorities need to be handled at once, even though you don’t like doing them.

After all John McCain says he is a maverick and they are supposed to know how to handle crisis in the best and worst of times.