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Democrats Closing in on a Health Care Agreement

Jan. 16. 2o1o Democrats Closing in on a Health Care Agreement

The Democrats are closing in on a Health Care Reform bill and are making progress to finalize an important and landmark bill that has taken 50 or more years to pass.  Senate Democrats have been holding meetings for the third day and running the numbers through the budget office for cost estimates and proposals of the bill included in its provisions.

The overall package will benefit most Americans and keep their healthcare costs down while preventing insurance company’s from hiking rates, from preventing people with cancer to get coverage, and to cover those who have lost their jobs.  There will be no more denials and having insurance company’s cherry picking the healthiest of society while eliminating people who have sickness.

High cost insurance will bankrupt the country faster than any economic job loss and without health care you have a very sick workforce.  Health care programs have historically proved that society benefits from such a policy and keeping people healthier is less costly than treating the sick as their illness advances.

Republicans have voted down the health care reform bill at every opportunity just as they have voted down any other bill produced by the Democrats and are trying to stop another Democrat from filling Senator Ted Kennedy’s empty seat.

When this bill passes the United States will have been dragged into joining the human race as all other industrialized countries in providing health care for every man, woman and child that lives currently under fear of losing their health or being denied health insurance.

Currently Americans live in fear of insurance company’s that have been unregulated and have denied coverage to the old, the sick and the dying and have raised insurance rates through the roof in the past few years.  

This is the Republican version of a free market system but what they will not admit to is that health care is not a business, it is a right to life under the US Constitution and denying medical care to a dying person or a sick individual is a sign of a barbaric society.