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Billion Dollar Photo Op

June 28, 2010 The Billion Dollar Photo Op has ended, the protesters have gone, the promises made at the meetings will not be fulfilled and Canadian taxpayers footed the Harper bill for the one billion dollar photo op.

Notice the Comments on the Billion Dollar Photo Op with Obama and Harper

Did the G8- G20 Billion dollar photo op accomplish anything but add 1 billion dollars debt to Canada’s growing deficit? No.

How did the budget go from 179 million to 1 billion and are the figures even higher that 1.2 billion. Past summits cost 30 million in the UK, Scotland 110 million and why did this budget in Canada get so inflated to ten times the costs of other summits? These are answers Canadian voters must decide in the next election when the bills come in and higher taxes are imposed. This is a conservative government that does not abide by conservative fiscal policies but does the opposite of what they pretend to be. In addition Stephen Harper has been opposed to climate change proposals and for financing green energy policies and reducing emissions since he has been Prime Minister.

The Summit Costs:

$ 215,278 per minute of the Summit but is much higher
$ 12.9 million dollars per day but is much higher.

The cost of the security for the Summit for 3 days for 20 people, outranks the total security bill for the Vancouver Olympics for 17 days.

Those funds could have gone to paying Canada’s deficit down or towards health care costs or a number of other green energy like solar power for homes. The ironic part of all this expense is that at the G20 Summit Harper scolded and advised other countries to live within their budgets.

When you couple the war in Afghanistan Canada spent 3 billion dollars on wars and summits with no input from the public, while 13 percent taxes are imposed in British Columbia and Ontario. This is a waste of the public’s money at a time when the recession still hits Canadians every day with higher taxes on food, services and purchases which will in turn hurt the economy. At this time the world economies are bloated in debt including the United States and Canada and they are not setting up any changes to spending as a result of the summit.

Harper's Billion Dollar Photo Op-and Higher Taxes for Canadians

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