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US Military Okay with Repealing DADT

Dec. 1, 2010 The US Military is okay with repealing DADT and the latest study report indicates that over 70 percent of the service people asked said they would not have a problem with repealing DADT.  The Pentagon released its much anticipated report on  DADT and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates approved of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t tell urging the Senate to repeal the old legislation.

Back in the Presidency of Bill Clinton some 17 years ago, Don’t Ask -Don’t Tell was a compromise solution for gay troops serving their country in the military.  But this act made them hide their identity and told them basically and pathetically to ” go back into the closet, we don’t want to hear about you”.

This basically was a denial of human rights, and a denial of a service man or woman’s life as a minority group where the military was seen to be a force of bigots, gay haters and macho men who did not want gays to servi i nthe armed forces.

That was then, this is now.  In the year 2010 surely we have grown, learned and come out of our caves with a different perspective.  For a modern US fighting force to be strong all members of the team must be equal, equal in treatment and equal in rights but this is still not the case.

A Handful of Republicans are Holding on to DADT

Led by Sen. John McCain a handful of older republicans like John McCain are stopping the repeal of Don’t Ask -Don’t Tell.  Just a few of these old republicans are holding on for dear life that the military should somehow treat gays as equals.  A sad state for the party that call themselves reformed and ready to tackle the issues of today but it seems like such a milestone to declare all soldiers are equal for this group of conservatives.

One would suspect that religious organizations are funding, and firing up this handful of republicans who oppose gays so vigorously in the Senate and the House.   McCain himself keeps adding more obvious road blocks to repealing don’t ask -don’t tell and has for years even though he has been out of the military for over forty years or more.  It is clear to state McCain is out of touch with the reality of today’s modern soldiers who don’t sweat the small stuff, they are more concerned with staying alive and fighting.  First McCain demanded that all the military leaders must approve the repeal, then he wanted a study, then the study wasn’t good enough then we have to hear from the admirals of each force, even though the Generals and Secretary of State have already verbally approved the repeal.

John McCain Mis-Spoke Again abut Robert Gates Never Having Served in the Military

As John McCain dismissed the November 30 Pentagon study even before it was released and in an interview with NBC yesterday he indicated Robert Gates was a “political appointee who’s never been in the military”.

Again we see some of the mental incapacities of John McCain rearing its ugly head again when he speaks since he has made so many gaffs in the past, especially his identity as a Maverick.

A spokesperson for John McCain said he “mis-spoke” about Secretary of Defense Robert Gate’s military career.

The Face of Bigotry in the Military -A Prisoner of War-Claim to Fame John McCain
The Face of Bigotry in the Military -A Prisoner of War-Claim to Fame John McCain

Robert Gates served as a Second Lieutenant for the Air Force in 1967 which was the same year that McCain was injured in a fire on a carrier off the coast of Vietnam.

John McCain’s claim to fame in his military career is being captured as a prisoner in Vietnam and very little else is glowing in his military career except he crashed up a few planes by accident.

The republicans have to remind themselves that it was John McCain, the self proclaimed maverick who brought us the likes of Sarah Palin for the media to feast on and she has been giving since 2008.

The fact is that this issue has to be cleaned up finally before the lame duck session begins and and up and down vote would work favorably to the end of DADT.  The repeal of DADT all boils down to a fundamental denial of rights for a minority group of Americans who are laying down their very lives for their country.  Why would the United States deny these brave soldiers their rights, and their freedoms to live their lives accordingly.

Approximately 22 studies have been paid for and under taken to analyze the responses of the men and women serving in the US military from all branches.  The most recent study results released yesterday Nov. 30, 2010 revealed that an overwhelming majority of soldiers do not have a problem with gays serving along side them.

The Senators who’s votes will count are: Claire McCaskill, Olymia Snowe, Susan Collins, Scott Brown, George LeMieux, George Voinovich, and Jim Webb.  Over 40 republican senators voted to prevent a decision by the majority of the senate this past September.

It is important for all Senators to hear the people on this issue and they have already heard from the military leaders and their soldiers. Contact your local politician, state representatives and let them know what you support.

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