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Palin Cuts Aid to Pregnant Teen Moms and Food Banks

Sarah Palin Cuts Funds to Teenage Unwed Mothers Programs and Food Banks

Sarah Palin’s support of her unwed teenage daughter is in contrast to how she governs her state of Alaska.

In April the Alaska legislature passed a bill where she actually reduced funding to a program for Covenant House and cut the funding 40 percent from 5 million to 3.9 million. While the State runs a surplus there was no need to cut this funding and services to help Anchorage and the community.  Covenant House also helps kids who are in a crisis, have mental illness, or are homeless for whatever reason it is a shelter.

Covenant House has programs such as shelters for abused women and troubled young people, a home for teenage girls who are pregnant or have delivered their babies and don’t feel safe at home.  It is a refuge for those who are less fortunate or have abusive parents or have run away from home.

Passage House is a place for pregnant teenage girls to get counseling and helps teenage women who are transitioning to motherhood and provides a stable environment for their infant children.

Palin did a line by line veto and made changes to reduce funding to these programs, in addition she cut funds by as much as 50 percent to the Fairbanks Community Food program. In an isolated state such as Alaska and given the terrain, these programs are vital for the stability of Alaska’s teens who come from troubled homes, as they have no other place to turn. See Covenant House

The cuts Palin made to the Community Food Program which gives food to certified recipients such as infants, children and women who are in hardship in the interior of Alaska and is the only food drive available to these groups.

The Food Bank of Alaska believes that “no one deserves to be hungry” has been feeding the hungry since 1979 and collects donated food for non profit agencies to give to hungry Alaskans.
The Food Bank Website (slow to open but be patient it will open)

You can make donations to the Alaska Food Bank

Why would Sarah Palin cut funding to the most needy especially infants and poor women when she claims to be a champion of women’s causes and is appealing to Hillary Clinton female voters? These women deserve a helping hand up and the resources to give them the needed skills to lead a better life. But to Sarah Palin they are dispensable and she cut funding which includes her own someone in Bristol Palin’s shoes.

The programs at Passage House help young moms to develop and learn skills such as how to manage money, healthy parent skills, setting their priorities and developing social skills to give them the opportunities to succeed in their new role as a parent.

It would be far more productive to have these women become self sufficient than to let them continue on a path to welfare. Palin is wrong in her thinking that cutting funding will help the productivity of her state as the opposite is true.  You have to “invest” in people. You have to support them, teach them, feed them in a crisis or let them die in the street.

Palin Cut Aid to Food Bank and Unwed Mothers Shelters in Alaska
Palin Cut Aid to Food Bank and Unwed Mothers Shelters in Alaska

Namely these programs are aimed at young women and teenage girls and their children. The Transitional Living Programs also teaches young mothers how to find and apply for jobs, and gives them counseling through a mentoring program with 24 hour support staff.

Sarah Palin’s cutting the funding to these necessary programs for young pregnant teen mothers contradicts the support she says she will give her daughter and the family values that she claims to have for pro-lifers. What is so Pro-Life about this?

The Associated Press reports on September 2, 2008 that John McCain does not support grants for sex education because the programs include the use of birth control and supports President Bush’s views on promoting abstinence.

It does appear that Sarah Palin, John McCain or George Bush will not support pregnant mothers who are having children and yet for her daughter Bristol Palin publicly announced her support and will look after the needs for her baby.

Voters should take into account that Sarah Palin “talks the talk but does not walk the walk” when it comes to supporting programs to help women especially pregnant teenage younger women.

John McCain’s claim that he does not follow George Bush’s policies does not also appear to be truthful especially when it comes to programs that help pregnant women. These pro-life policies do not make sense since it protects the life of the unborn child, but once they are born there is no assistance or the funding is cut in a state which makes billions of dollars in oil revenues.

Palin’s own needs and childcare will be provided by the government should she succeed in becoming the Vice-President it will be paid for by the taxpayers.

In essence the McCain Palin programs will forbid birth control, prevents abortions and yet if a young teenage girl other than Bristol Palin has a baby, she will have limited support and funding for her or her child to get on her feet again.

The McCain-Palin policies are almost purposefully keeping women “barefoot and pregnant” which is a patriarchal regressive view in today’s world.  John McCain was also noted for cutting funding to educated young people on sex education and contraceptives and supported Bush on his policy of abstinence. It doesn’t appear that the Governor did a good job of edumacation of her own daughter.

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