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Giuliani Outs Khalidi- McCain Connection

Updated: June 27, 2011

Giuliani Outs Khalidi- McCain Connection

Only Rudy Giuliani  could have made such a mistake as Keith says in this broadcast McCain should fire his campaign managers, and Giuliani should stop trying to sabotage McCain’s campaign.

Giuliani Outs Khalidi- McCain Connection

McCain should have figured out by now that these political smears, and dirty campaign jabs in his last days of desperation do not work with voters. In fact they turn people off of the accusers.

McCain was quoted days ago as saying:

“”I don’t care much about an old, washed-up unrepentant terrorist, and his wife who was on an FBI top 10 wanted list. But we should know about their relationship, including apparently information that is held by the Los Angeles Times concerning an event that [William] Ayers attended with a PLO spokesman.”–John McCain, Interview with Radio Mambi, October 29, 2008″.

McCain should be aware that he himself has connections and the International Republican Institute an organization that McCain chaired gave $ 448,873.00 to Mr. Khalidi to assist him in his research for a center in Palestine. Actually President Bush and Condoleeza Rice have more closely associated themselves with the PLO than Rashidi’s ties to the terrorist organization.

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