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Cramer and Stewart Square Off on the Daily Show

Jim Cramer has an illustrious record of accomplishment of picking stocks for those dumb enough to follow someone pushing one stock or another for payment.  The CNBC and NBC morning sage has tarnished his picks in the last couple of years especially since the decline of Wall Street and prior.

Jon Stewart -Smack Down with Cramer
Jon Stewart -Smack Down with Cramer

Cramer was a stock market guru/financial analyst of some sort however he has been ducking pot shots from the likes of a variety show star in the name of Jon Stewart.

The au pair have been trading not stocks but shots on the airwaves ranging from Stewart’s quip “you weren’t suggesting to buy Bear Stearns”.

Don't listen to me ....anymore!!!
Don't listen to me ....anymore!!!

To Cramer’s lame defense “Oh oh, a comedian is attacking me!” On the Today Show. It would appear in today’s market no one trusts what Cramer the buffoon says anymore much to NBC’s dismay who may rethink the morning show. Cramer is not giving NBC their money’s worth from his salary and has made millions making big mistakes for stock investors.

The big one came when Cramer told -advised and announced that no one should sell Bear Stearns, which went bankrupt days later. It may appear that Cramer at CNBC is one of those biased stock boosters even though their data is meant to help the stock, which is illegal and is very wrong. When should a TV network be blasting stock recommendations on their viewers using ponzi stock pickers?

Cramer trying to boost his ratings is ranting back at Stewart knowing that by his own recommendations he has been gambling with viewers investments.

Since he can’t make a living at being a financial advisor that anyone would trust he is responding to comedian cracks about himself.

That would make him just short of a Wall Street banker who went bust because they knowingly invested in fake derivatives with bad mortgages.


Thursday March 12th -The Daily Show- should be a fun watch.

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