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Tears for Bachelor on Dancing with the Stars

April 28, 2010 Dancing with the Stars Bachelor Jake Pavelka was in tears just like Kate Gosselin after being voted off Dancing with the Stars.  It seems to be an emotional exit for the contestants at Read more [...]

Celebrity Sex Rehab

March 31, 2010  Yet another celebrity sex rehab contestant signs up for sex rehab with Dr. Drew and Jesse James has voluntarily entered into treatment. Unfortunately a little too late for Sandra Bullock Read more [...]

Sandra Dumping Jesse James

Mar. 23, 2010  Sandra Bullock received her very first Oscar Nomination,  won the Oscar Award and hit the A List  just a few weeks ago. Meantime today she has gone into seclusion in Texas and away Read more [...]

Tiger Woods Statement

Feb 19, 2010  Tiger Woods Statement Feb. 19, 2010 Slow news day statement was all about sponsorships and money not contrition.  Woods saying he was a buddhist was a lie for buddhists put themselves last Read more [...]

Vanity Fair Photos of Tiger Woods

Jan 6, 2010 - Tiger Woods posed for photographer Annie Leibovitz in 2006 but since exposing himself half naked then in some macho photos he has exposed his public image to the naket truth about his personality Read more [...]